Minnesota Vikings halloween song

Hey guys.  Because of a bunch of different circumstances, I’m not currently posting new music videos to my Minnesota Vikings blog, but I thought I could still share last year’s Halloween video, just to help you get into some Skol-ish Halloween moods.

Last year the Vikings played the Cowboys on Halloween week, so the song is based on that game.

Here is the video

A lot of sites are getting into the Halloween spirit this year.  Here’s another Vikings Halloween link for you guys to check out


Another Vikings Site

I have mentioned recently that I have been doing the majority of my writing at my newest Minnesota Vikings Blog (The Viking Ship), but I also thought I’d let you guys know about and old site that I’ve had from a long time ago called Vikings Thoughts.

Between The Viking Ship, this site, and Vikings Thoughts, I’d like to come up with some creative ideas on how to make them all just a little bit different from each other.  I’m not sure what my plan will be just yet, though, so until then I’ll probably just be posting some random thoughts.

The Viking Ship will probably get most of my attention, but I’d still like to use this site as well as Vikings Thoughts.  The internet can’t have enough Minnesota Vikings content, right?

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Looking For Some Great Football Blogs?

Every football fan wants to follow his favorite team through some blogs, right?
Here’s a great network of blogs that I think you guys will enjoy.


Hope you find some good info!


Some great Minnesota Vikings Blogs for you to check out

It’s not very lively here lately, but I thought maybe I can change that a bit from time to time.

I’ll try to start using this blog to at least give you some links to some Minnesota Vikings sites around the web that you might find interesting.

Let’s start with a list of my favorite Minnesota Vikings Blogs

  • The Viking Ship – Okay, so I’m a little partial here, primarily because this is MY new blog
  • Vikings Gab – Always been one of my favorites
  • Vikings UK Blog – Vikings news from the point of view of a fan who lives across the pond
  • Lemke’s Lot – This guy manages to get interviews with Vikings players from time to time… something a lot of other bloggers don’t seem to do
  • Vikings Nation – A great blog that I just discovered recently.

My new place

For those of you who may stumble across this site from time to time in search engines, please join me at my new Minnesota Vikings blog, located at www.thevikingship.net