Last night’s game

Okay, I’m finally back.

So even though the Vikings lost big last night, I think there were a couple encouraging things that happened.  First of all, Tarvaris Jackson played extremely well.  He went 8-11 for 118 yards and a touchdown in three series with the offense.  They passed the ball the first 12 plays, which I think was great… not only did it allow the Vikings to try out some plays, but it also put the thought into the minds of other teams watching that the Vikings might be thinking about throwing the ball more this year.

Tarvaris seemed very sure of himself, which is a couple 180 degree turn from where he was last year in the pre season.  He hit Berrian twice, and if I remember right, at least one (and maybe two) of his incompletions were thrown toward Berrian, which means that he’s getting into a good rhythm with his number one receiver.

I thought he played great.

Booty also looked decent for his first night in a pro uniform.  He’s a long long way from being starting material, but everyone has to start somewhere.  He made a couple terrible mistakes, but he also made several decent plays.

My man Albert Young led the team with 5 receptions and I believe 58 yards carrying.  He didn’t have a good night running, but he looked good returning kicks, though.

The defense was another story.  The first string defense did play without Pat Williams, but they still should’ve been better than they were.   Jared Allen did get close to the quarterback twice, though, so that was encouraging.

The one terrible point of the night… five fumbles.  I imagine the rest of the week will be full of drills to make sure that does not happen again.

Despite the 34-17 score, I thought some good things came out of the game.   It makes me really excited for next weekend.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One