Williams to Jackson: “Get to work, you bum”

Pat Williams recently said in an interview that he feels like Tarvaris Jackson needs to work a little harder. He did conclude, though, by saying that if Jackson steps it up a bit, he could be a “great” QB in the league. (Source: THE VIKING AGE)

Jackson responded that he does feel that he works hard, but he also mentioned he’d “step it up” a bit this summer. (Source: YAHOO! SPORTS)

I think Jackson’s biggest downfall is his confidence. He came out at the beginning of last year, and he sucked. Then he came in when Gus Frerotte’s body fell apart from old age, and he played decently well… until the playoffs, when he lacked confidence and started to suck again.

I do think that it’s the job of an NFL player to put the lack of confidence behind you and do your job, but I do feel a little bad for the guy (as well as Sage) for the fact that they don’t have a clue if they’re competing for the starting job or for the backup job.