Web find: An open letter to Minnesota Vikings fans

I thought this was an exciting thing to read, so I thought I’d pass it on.  It’s an open letter posted on CBS Sports from a Florida Gators fan to all Minnesota Vikings fans.

Written by James Brown, Gatorsfirst.com Co-Founder

This letter is to ensure you realize the joy you are about to experience watching Percy Harvin these coming years. He is leaving our Gator-centric world and entering yours, and if you feel anything but giddy, I am here to let you in on what you’re about to receive.

Percy Harvin is a fantastically talented player. And any ‘character issues’ the draft talking heads have been feeding you are complete fabrication.

Florida fans used to be frustrated with Dan Mullen. They thought his offense was too predictable, either the Harvin or Tim Tebow show. The truth is, if the offense was getting stale, and needed a play, we needed the ball in Percy Harvin’s hands. He’d run that deadly counter (just ask South Carolina, first vid, or Arkansas, second vid), or take a direct snap. The guy is a game changer.

Be sure to read the rest of the letter HERE