My take on Favre

If you’ve been reading this blog at all this summer, you know that I wanted Favre to be a Viking in 2009.  I don’t feel like Jackson or Rosenfels can keep the defense from stacking 8 or 9 men in the box, and I feel like Favre would’ve done that through his presence alone.  I’ve told many people that if Favre is a Viking, I think Peterson will rush for 2,000 yards.

All that being said, since Favre officially said “no” yesterday, I really hope he leaves it at that.  My outlook for a Jackson-led team isn’t nearly as high as a Favre-led team would’ve been, but I want the Vikes to have some stability as they’re preparing themselves for the season.

But somehow I feel that we still haven’t heard the last of Brett Favre.  Somehow I have a hunch that next week, after training camp is about half over, Favre will “get the itch” to play.   It’s well documented that Brett Favre does not enjoy training camp.

Even after telling the Vikings he wasn’t coming back, Favre said he is going to continue to work out and throw the ball.

As much as I’d love Favre on the team, at this point I want it to be over.  I’ll admit… if I’m right and Favre signs next week, I’ll get over this feeling, and I’ll probably change my tune, and I’ll be a happy guy.

But for now I can honestly say, for the sake of the Vikings, Brett… stay home.