Harvin not at training camp. Possible holdout?

The Vikings first round draft pick Percy Harvin is not yet signed to a contract, and not yet at training camp.

Contract negotiations should be fairly easy at this point, because the people drafted before and after Harvin this past April have both signed a contract.  That usually gives the team a gauge of how much money they’re going to have to pay a rookie.

Mike Florio speculated when writing for ProFootballTalk.com if this was the beginning of a hold out situation.  Had it not been for some issues in his high school days and failing a drug test (marijuana) shortly before the draft, Harvin probably would’ve gone much higher than #22… possibly even top 10.  While it’s not likely that he’ll get top 10 money, he may be holding out for lots of incentives.

He probably also knows that the Vikings had a chunk of change set aside for Favre, and maybe he’s hoping to get some of that.

And, he probably also knows that without Favre, the Vikes will be in need of his talent even more… especially if they plan on mixing in some Wildcat formations.

Part of me understands that a player wants as much as they can get in a contract.  I mean, we all think “Why, they’re millionaires anyway.  What does it matter?!”  But think of it this way… if you thought you deserved an extra $1000 a year on your salary, how bad would you want it?  Even if it’s only gonna give you an extra $20 a week?  To us, a millionaire is a millionaire, but even an extra $1 million a year is just shy of $20,000 a WEEK.  They might be rich already, but that has to sound like big money to anyone. (except maybe Warren Buffett)

But, from a fan’s point of view, the Vikings need to get Percy to camp ASAP.  If what Bevell said earlier in the summer is true, and they really are designing plays specifically with him in mind, then they need to be able to work on those plays as much as possible.

Source:  ProFootballTalk