Some more info on the changes to this blog

I just wanted to take a couple minutes and tell you guys some more about the direction that this blog is going to go.

First of all, let me make it known that we are still first and foremost a Minnesota Vikings Blog, very much in the way that you would expect. I’m going to report the Vikings news as it comes out, and I’m going to give me opinion on a lot of that news. If that changes in any way, it will only be that it becomes more frequent.

The biggest change on this site will be that I will make use of more multimedia features. The site will become much more visual, with pictures and charts and whatever else I can find that will enhance the information that I’m offering to you. There will also be much more video… both original video content that I create myself, and interesting things that I find around the web.

The other big change will be that this site will take on a little bit more of an “All-Things-Vikings” type feel. I’m a huge Vikings fan, so I understand that Vikings news is the most important thing for a site to give me, but at the same time, I enjoy Vikings highlights, trivia, humor, pictures, history, player information, and a lot more.

So for that reason, I’m going to resurrect the old features of Player Profiles and Vikings History. They won’t be weekly features necessarily. Instead they’ll be “periodic” features. Sometimes you’ll get 1 a month. Sometimes you’ll get 3 a week. It just depends and what’s going on in the Vikings world.

But we will be adding regular features. Every week day you will get an interesting piece of Vikings trivia. Twice a week you’ll get a Vikings joke (usually at the expense of our division rivals).

And finally, when the regular season starts, you will get some amazing new features. I can’t tell you about them yet, but I have a feeling that they will be your favorite items on this blog.

So keep an eye out over the next several days for some new features, and be sure to let me know if you have any additional ideas for me. I have added a contact page at the top of this blog with several ways that you can reach me. I look forward to hearing from you!