Running Backs: Albert Young

I asked Chip Scoggins (from Access Vikings on the Star Tribune) via Twitter how Albert Young is fairing at Training Camp this year. Since I’m also an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, I’m a little bit biased toward Albert Young, and I’d love to see him make the team.

Chip tweeted me back saying that Albert Young looks very solid so far, and that he expects Young to make the team at the #3 spot.

Being on a team that has Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, it’s pretty easy for the #3 guy to get lost in the shuffle. Two years ago that guy was Mewelde Moore, and he’d get a carry from time to time, and he got to return some punts. Last year that guy was Maurice Hicks. The only thing I ever noticed about Hicks was the fact that he wasn’t much of a kick returner.

So it doesn’t seem real important that Young will get that job, but I think for a #3 guy, he’d be a solid player to have on the team. He actually reminds me a lot of Chester Taylor in the way he plays. He’s a solid runner who isn’t going to break Peterson-esque long runs, but he’ll steadily gain yards. He blocks well and catches good out of the backfield. Last year during preseason I felt that he played better than Maurice Hicks in pretty much every aspect of the game, including kick returns.

I’m really hoping Chip is right. I’d love to see Albert make the team.