Meet the Vikings Girls

Hey Vikings fans!

A couple of weeks ago, as many of you know, I began to try to “take it up a notch” with this blog. I added several new features, such as daily trivia, twice a week jokes, an occasional comic entitled “Coach Chad”, and, not that you’d know what they are, I’ve been preparing two weekly features for when the regular season begins.

I’ve also tried to step up the way that I give you information. Mostly by providing the info that I find the most important to Vikings fans, but also making sure to not only give you the info, but add some of my opinion in there as well… after all, that’s what makes a blog different than a news site, right?

But the most obvious way I’ve tried to improve this Minnesota Vikings blog is by stepping it up visually. The text is obviously the most important stuff, but I also wanted to make the site more visually appealing as well.

That’s where the Vikings girls come in! You’ve been seeing them for the past couple of weeks as they’ve introduced the articles to you, and as they’ve asked you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. In coming weeks they’ll be even more active in providing you with some entertainment and with trying to draw more Vikings fans into our community.

You may ask… “Jazz, do the Vikings girls really make the Vikings news I’m trying to get any more meaningful?!?”

And I’d say “Nope, but it makes it nicer to look at!”

So now, Vikings fans… I introduce to you, the ever so beautiful Vikings Girls: