You’re kidding me… MORE Favre rumors?

Wow.  Just… wow.

Jay Glazer from FoxSports is reporting that the Brett Favre parade is not quite over.  In fact, he said the vibe at the Vikings training camp is that it’s a matter of “when”… NOT “if”… Favre will be a Viking.

One unnamed Viking actually said “I’m telling you it’s already done.  Right after the Indy game (first preseason game). I don’t think anyone here doesn’t think that.”

Another Viking said, “I don’t know if it’s done, but I think he’ll be in by the third preseason game.”

Maybe Sage shut up the rumors a little bit by playing well against Indy, but if Glazer is right,  it’s already a done deal in Minnesota.

I have to say I’d be shocked to find out this was accurate, though.  My gut reaction is that the media realizes that preseason is generally boring, and they need something to talk about.

But I have to say, after the Indy game, if Favre was to come to the Vikings, it would be Tarvaris Jackson that would be out of a job, not Sage Rosenfels (despite what I said several weeks ago on that topic).