I don’t know what to believe about Favre

I’ll admit, I’m a little perplexed.

All through the summer I was telling people that I think Favre will hold out. I said I thought he’d try to get out of training camp. When Bus Cook said Favre wasn’t thinking about playing, I didn’t believe him. I was sure that I knew that Favre would play, but that he wouldn’t be on the team during the 2-a-day workouts.

Then, right before training camp, Favre said he was staying retired…. and I believed him.

Then rumors started, stemming from Jay Glazer’s FoxSports article about how players “knew” he was coming, and it was a case of “when”, not “if”. One player even said they knew it would happen right after the Indy preseason game.

And for some reason, I didn’t believe it. Even though I had been predicting it all summer long, I didn’t believe that it was even possible. But now, another article pops up…

Read it HERE

This article says that Favre is talking contracts with the Vikings.

I heard a rumor that says that Favre still has a deposit down on the condo he was looking at in Minnesota.

I have to admit, I’m thoroughly confused about the situation right now. I don’t know if Favre is coming back or not. I was very positive he was a couple months ago, then I was very positive he was NOT for the last 3 weeks…

Now I just don’t know.

Favre Jersey?

I still believe that Favre would improve the team. I think his mere presence would open up the running game, and Vikings fans have NEVER seen Adrian Peterson run when he’s not the #1 focus of opposing defenses. That could be fun to watch.