LINK: Wow, GREAT GREAT article on the Chicago Bears

I just read a GREAT article about the Chicago Bears, and how their fans and media are reacting to the Vikings signing Brett Favre.

Here’s the gist of the article:

According to fans of the other teams in the NFC North, over the past few weeks, the Vikings have been screwed because they were going to sign Brett Favre, screwed because they then failed to sign Brett Favre, and most recently screwed because they actually signed Brett Favre.

It goes on to explain why the Vikings don’t really need to be afraid of the Chicago Bears.  It also goes on to mention that even though it’s true that Favre led the league in interceptions last year, the guy at the #2 spot was Jay Cutler… and Cutler doesn’t have Royal or Marshall to throw to this year.

And while Favre played the last month of the season with an injured bicep tendon, Cutler’s only affliction during the same time period was attempting to throw passes with both hands wrapped around his throat.

It’s a really good article.  I highly recommend that you read it!

Click HERE to do so.