I’m looking for some creative people!

Hey Vikings Fans!

Do you sing?  Do you draw?  Do you make videos?  Cartoons?  Posters?  Do you make your own clothes?  Do you write poetry?  Do you bake and decorate cakes or cookies?

In just under 4 weeks, this site is going to undergo some transformations.  It’s still going to be my goal to provide you with up-to-date Vikings news (when there is any… July is SOOOOOO boring!  Ugh!!), and I’ll still be using the blog to share my own opinions about all things Vikings, but I’m going to be adding some more entertaining elements to the site as well.

So, that being said, this is your chance to become active in the site.  If you are creative or entertaining in any way, send me some of your stuff, and starting in August, I’ll start featuring fan submitted Viking stuff on this blog.  I’m open to a lot of ideas, but here are some ideas to maybe get you rolling

  • A picture of your custom drawn/painted/sculpted/etc Vikings art
  • An MP3 file of a Vikings song that you wrote
  • A custom Minnesota Vikings video you created
  • A picture of you decked out in all of your fan gear
  • A youtube video of you playing the Vikings fight song
  • A picture of your custom made Vikings clothing
  • Photos of your extensive collection of Vikings Memorabilia
  • Photos of a Vikings cake you decorated
  • A copy of a Vikings poem you wrote

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Like I said, I’m interested in pretty much any kind of creativity you’d like to display.

And even though it won’t go on display until at least August, start sending it in now!  I’ll save it and get it ready to be shared with the Vikings Nation!

Email me at vikings@contentquake.com


The countdown continues…

4 More Weeks

At least prepping the blog for the changes is giving me something football-related to do.  This is by far the most boring time of the year.

Later today I’ll see if I can find some entertaining stuff for you guys.

Around the NFL: Steve McNair found dead

This isn’t Vikings news, but it’s big news for football fans.

Former Titans/Ravens QB Steve McNair was found dead in Tennessee today. At the time of this writing, it looks like his wife may have shot him to death, then shot herself as well.


It’s a rough time to be a celebrity! It’s really sad to turn on the news and see famous people dying all the time.

McNair lead the Titans to their only Super Bowl in 1999 where they lost to the St Louis Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf. He played his last few seasons as a Baltimore Raven, but he retired before the season started last year.

Just a month away now…

Big Changes

I started on this blog at the very end of July last year, so my first real full month of blogging was last August. I have had some changes in mind for quite some time, so I decided that since August will mark a year of me writing for Content Quake, that’s a good time to get rolling on new things.

Tarvaris Jackson is the best QB in Minnesota?

I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy Bleacher Report.

An article popped up yesterday that caught my attention.

Tavaris Jackson is Still the Best Quarterback in Minnesota

I’ve been on vacation for a while here. But there is nothing that will bring a writer off vacation faster than the speculation by Vikings writer Judd Zulgad that if Favre is in, Tarvaris Jackson is out.

Jackson out? Are you kidding me? Tarvaris has been the model citizen and has taken everything that the Vikings’ boring offensive coordinators have thrown at him in his development. Yes, Sage Rosenfels was brought in to compete. But Rosenfel’s has—what?—seven career starts in a nine-year career with three different teams?

Read the rest of the article HERE

Basically I agree with the main point of the article.  If Favre comes in, I think the Vikings need to cut the loss of their 4th round pick and part ways with Sage.  Has Jackson been great?  No.  Not at all.  But he’s learned from the most boring coach and OC in the NFL, and the only veterans he’s had to learn from in his career are Brad Johnson, Brooks Bollinger, Kelly Holcomb, and Gus Frerotte.  He’s a great athlete who needs to sit under a good QB.  Let him learn under Favre for a couple of years.

Rosenfels, on the other hand, is entering his 10th season as a pro.  Say Favre comes in and stays 2 seasons.  Do we really want to rely on a guy when Favre leaves that hasn’t had a starting job for 11 years in the NFL?

Instead, hang on to Jackson and Booty, and let them learn.

Favre purchased a home in Minnesota?


Okay, I said there were only so many things I could say about Brett Favre today, but I had to go out and read the other Vikings Blogs, which brought this to my attention.

According to The Vikings Gab, a fan sent them a piece of information that said Brett purchased a home in Minnesota.

Check out the article HERE

Vikings interested in Marvin Harrison?

Wow, this is very doubtful, but it could be amazing if it would happen.

I just read a post on The Daily Norseman that said there are rumors swirling about that the Vikes are interested in signing Marvin Harrison to a “one-year, low-end” deal.

I’m assuming that this will be used to further entice Mr. Favre to come play, and on the flip side Harrison would be enticed by the chance to line up with Favre, Peterson, Berrian, and Harvin.

Holy cow, can you imagine a WR team of Berrian, Harrison, and Harvin?

I think my head just exploded.


Some Vikings Wallpaper

To be honest, there just isn’t much going on, and I can only say so many things about Brett Favre, so I decided to look around the web for other Vikings things today. I figured maybe you guys are just as bored with football news, so I’ll share some of what I found with you…

Let’s start off with some wallpapers. I didn’t create any of these myself. They’re just things that I found around the web.

Bleeding Purple Introductions Viktor