Weekly History Lesson: Super Bowl IV



Good morning Vikings fans.  I’m a day late, but better late than never, right?


Today we’re going to look at Super Bowl IV.  Even though it is not the most pleasant memory for older Vikings fans, it’s still a big part of the team’s history.


Super Bowl IV, played on January 11, 1970 was the final game that would match the AFL champions against the NFL champions.  Before the next season, the two leagues would merge and become the NFC and the AFC, both part of the combined NFL.


The Vikings, led by coach Bud Grant and quarterback Joe Kapp, were by far the most dominant team in the NFL.  The finished the season at 12-2, led the league in scoring (379 points), led the league in fewest points allowed (133),  and had scored 50 points or more in 3 games during the season.


The AFL Champions, led by coach Hank Stram and quarterback Len Dawson seemed overmatched.  They struggled to get into the playoffs, and managed to step up their play to win the AFL Championship.  Most thought that they would be destroyed by the seemingly superior Vikings.


In the end, Stram simply out-coached Grant.  He devised offenses to specifically attack the strategies that had been working for the Viking defense all year.  Dawson completed short pass after short pass as he moved his Chiefs up and down the field.  On defense, the Chiefs played 3-4, which was rare in the NFL.  They lined up nose tackles that  outweighed the Vikings center by around 50 pounds to disrupt the Vikings inside running game.  The Chiefs pulled off the upset, and won the game 23 – 7.



Last night’s game

Okay, I’m finally back.

So even though the Vikings lost big last night, I think there were a couple encouraging things that happened.  First of all, Tarvaris Jackson played extremely well.  He went 8-11 for 118 yards and a touchdown in three series with the offense.  They passed the ball the first 12 plays, which I think was great… not only did it allow the Vikings to try out some plays, but it also put the thought into the minds of other teams watching that the Vikings might be thinking about throwing the ball more this year.

Tarvaris seemed very sure of himself, which is a couple 180 degree turn from where he was last year in the pre season.  He hit Berrian twice, and if I remember right, at least one (and maybe two) of his incompletions were thrown toward Berrian, which means that he’s getting into a good rhythm with his number one receiver.

I thought he played great.

Booty also looked decent for his first night in a pro uniform.  He’s a long long way from being starting material, but everyone has to start somewhere.  He made a couple terrible mistakes, but he also made several decent plays.

My man Albert Young led the team with 5 receptions and I believe 58 yards carrying.  He didn’t have a good night running, but he looked good returning kicks, though.

The defense was another story.  The first string defense did play without Pat Williams, but they still should’ve been better than they were.   Jared Allen did get close to the quarterback twice, though, so that was encouraging.

The one terrible point of the night… five fumbles.  I imagine the rest of the week will be full of drills to make sure that does not happen again.

Despite the 34-17 score, I thought some good things came out of the game.   It makes me really excited for next weekend.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One

Quick Update: Seahawks 34 – Vikings 17

I’m going to do a more in depth review of the game tomorrow, but I just wanted to say that even though the score looks terrible, I was very encouraged by how Tarvaris Jackson played.  In my mind, he played a great game.  In 3 series he went 8 for 13 for 118 yards, 1 TD, no interceptions.

Last year he only avereaged 159 yards for a whole game!  He was only 40 yards shy of that in only 3 possessions.  He made me a happy Vikings fan.

There’ll be more tomorrow

-The Jazzy One

Weekly Vikings Trivia

Just a few random facts to keep your Vikings appetite somewhat controlled.

The Vikings first playoff appearance was a 24-14 loss to the Baltimore Colts in the NFL Western Conference playoff game on December 22, 1968



The first two Vikings to play in the Pro Bowl were Hugh McElhenny (halfback) and Jerry Reichow, both in 1961



Raymond Hayes was the first Viking to rush for 100 yards in a game.  He ran for 123 yards against the Los Angeles Rams on December 3, 1961



Cris Carter is the all time Vikings leader in career receptions with 1,016 (from 1990 – 2000)



The Vikings most lopsided win ever was on November 9, 1969 when they beat the Cleveland Browns 51-3.




Tonight’s Game: Minnesota Vs. Seattle

Usually Pre-Season doesn’t grab me much, but I can’t hardly wait for tonight.  I don’t know exactly why… maybe writing football blogs has got me excited about football more than usual.  I won’t be able to watch tonight’s game against the Seahawks, but I will be listening on the NFL.com Field Pass.   I’ll post some thoughts about it tomorrow.

The first team offense isn’t expected to see a whole lot of time tonight.  From what I read, maybe a series or two, depending on how fast (or if) they score.   I’d love to see Tarvaris hit something deep right off the bat… let’s start off the season keeping people guessing.

I’ll be interested in seeing how the recievers play, how well Booty can run an offense, and because of my roots in Iowa, I’ll be looking forward to soaking in as much Albert Young-As-A-Viking as I possibly can (since I don’t see him making the official roster).

Defensively I haven’t really heard how long the starters are going to play.  I’d LOVE to see the defensive line come in and make a solid impact right away, though.

Pre-season doesn’t mean a lot, but I want it to set a tone for the things to come this year.

We’ll see, I guess.

-The Jazzy One

Defensive Player Profile of the Week: Chad Greenway

It’s Thursday again, so that means we’re going to take a few minutes to meet one of the members of the Vikings defense.   (For the offensive player profile of the week, visit http://vikings.sportsbloggingnetwork.com/)

Vikings fans:  Meet Chad Greenway!


Chad Greenway was the 17th overall pick of the 2006 NFL draft, and he’s a personal favorite of mine on the defensive squad because I watched him closely for 4 seasons as an Iowa Hawkeye.

Greenway (born in Mount Vernon, South Dakota on January 12, 1983) was redshirted his freshman season at Iowa in 2001, but saw extensive playing time for the next 4 years.  In his sophomore season he was named second team All-Big-Ten, and In 2004, he was named a first team All-American by Pro Football Weekly, a second team All-American by CNNSI.com, and a third team All-American by CollegeSportsReport.com.  In 2005, The Sporting News named his as the #2 outside linebacker in all of college football.

He began his career in Minnesota by playing on the special teams during the opening kick off of the first pre-season game.  Unfortunately for Greenway, he tore his ACL on that play and had to sit out his entire rookie year.

He rebounded strongly in his second year (which was last season) by landing a starting job as the weak side linebacker for the Vikings.  In his first NFL regular season game, he racked up 10 tackles, and he finished his first complete season in the NFL with 105 tackles, two forced fumbles, two interceptions, and one touchdown.


Brett Favre traded to the New York Jets

Hey Vikings Fans!

So it’s finally over.  No more speculating, no more wondering… Brett Favre has finally been traded.  Brett is on his way to play for the New York Jets.  I’ll admit that I was starting to believe the rumors that Favre was going to end up in Minnesota, and part of me is a little disappointed that he’s not here, but overall I’m just happy that the whole thing is over.  I’m looking forward to reading Minnesota Vikings feeds and NOT seeing anything about Brett.

Here’s an article from Yahoo about the situation. 

It would’ve been nice to have Brett in Minnesota, just because his presence there would immediately demand that opposing teams couldn’t stack the box against Adrian Peterson, but Tarvaris Jackson could still prove that to be true.  The biggest difference is that Brett Favre wouldn’t have to prove it.  Jackson is going to have to come out immediately and attack deep.  He’s going to have to dare the other team to put 8 or 9 guys in the box.

I’m looking forward to watching him try.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One

News from Around the League

I’ll do a more indepth look at training camp tomorrow, and I don’t really want to look at the Favre situation anymore until there’s some new breaking news, so I thought I’d just talk about things that are happening around the league.

Steven Jackson still holding out from the Rams
Unlike some NFL fans, I understand (well, kinda, anyway) when players want to restructure their contracts.  In a league where a team can cut a player for underperforming, I can understand the desire for a player to get more money for exceeding original expectations.   But that being said, I think “holding out” is a terrible thing to do.  For one, it makes a player look like a child who is throwing a fit.  Two… if I asked my boss for a raise, and stopped working when I didn’t get it, I can guarantee you there wouldn’t be hope of working things out later.

Kyle Boller will start in the Pre-Season for the Ravens
Ouch!  McNair wasn’t amazing or anything, but I have to think he was a step up from Kyle Boller.  His competition comes from former Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith.  I like Smith… I watched him play a lot in college, but I just don’t see him becoming an NFL quarterback, really.  Could be another tough year for the Baltimore offense… but what else is new?  Here’s a team that could probably REALLY use Brett Favre this season, but I doubt he has any interest in playing for them.

Chiefs rookie Glenn Dorsey with a knee sprain
It’s not a serious injury, but I guess it’s serious since he’s probably already the best defender on the team.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One

Weekly History Lesson: The first Viking superstar – Fran Tarkenton


Hello Vikings fans, and welcome back to our weekly history class.  Today we will take a look at the first true Viking superstar:  Fran Tarkenton.


Quarterback Fran Tarkenton was drafted in 1961 by the Vikings out of the University of Georgia.  Tarkenton was the third round draft pick for Minnesota during their first year in the league.    During his first game in the league, he came off the bench throwing 4 TDs and running for a 5th against the Chicago Bears to give the Vikings their first NFL victory.  Fran played for the Vikings from 1961 – 1966, but was traded to the New York Giants, many say because of frequent disagreements with Vikings coach Norm Van Brocklin.  He played for the Giants for 5 years, but was ultimately traded back to Minnesota where he finished his career after 7 additional seasons.  Tarkenton led the Vikings to three Super Bowls during the 70s, but unfortunately the Vikings were overmatched in each of them.


Tarkenton is credited by many as having changed the position of Quarterback.  Before he played the game, most Quarterbacks stayed in the pocket, moving very little in the backfield.  Tarkenton, to the delight of many fans, and to the fright of many coaches, popularized scrambling around the backfield, buying time for receivers to get open.


In addition to playing in 3 Super Bowls, Fran won the MVP award in 1975, and held several NFL records until they were broken by Dan Marino (and later Brett Favre).


Fran Tarkenton was the first Minnesota Viking inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Favre is a Packer again… but for how long?

Brett Favre is reporting to Packer training camp this afternoon to COMPETE with Aaron Rogers for the starting QB job.

Somehow I don’t think so.

I think this will be the last effort for the Packers to call Brett’s bluff, but he still holds all the cards.  If Brett is on the team, you instantly have a team of divided players.  Half of them would want Brett to start, the other half wouldn’t.  You’d also have touchy and divided fans… the first time either QB threw an interception, you’d have half of the fans wanting his head (and the coach’s ) on a platter.

I really think by the middle of this week, Brett Favre will be playing for a different team.

And strangely enough, even though I didn’t think so a week or so ago, I think it’ll be for the Vikings.