Weekly Feature: Random Vikings Trivia

Let’s all escape from the Brett Favre soap opera for a few minutes but learning some random Vikings facts


Tommy Mason, a halfback out of Tulane, was the Vikings first ever draft pick (1961)


Tomy Mason was also the first All-Pro Viking (1963)


The first Viking to score in and NFL game was kicker Mike Mercer who hit a 4 yard field goal.


In 1986 Tommy Kramer set a Vikings record for passing for 490 yards in one game.


In 1969 Joe Kapp set a Vikings record for throwing 7 touchdown passes in one game.

Jared Allen is probably not going to face KC in the joint practice

Original Star Tribune Link

Jared Allen will probably not go to Wisconsin to practice against his former team tonight.   I think that’s probably a good idea.   For one, Childress pretty much already knows what he’s going to get with Allen.  It’s very unlikely that he’ll see something new that will make him second guess the decision of allowing the highest paid defensive lineman in football to be on the starting team.  The practice against the Chiefs should be used as a chance for the coaching staff to get a good look at the younger, less experienced guys so that they can start to form a depth chart going into next week’s preseason game.

Secondly, Allen’s departure from the Chiefs was not exactly pleasant.  Even though he seems like a level headed guy, it might be easy for him to feel like he has something to prove against his former team, and these are not the times that you want emotions to be soaring.

So even though Jared Allen practicing against the Chiefs was the biggest non-Favre story of the day, it’s probably a good idea that it’s not really a story anymore.

Defensive Player Profile of the Week: Jared Allen

It’s time for another weekly feature for this site. This time it’s the defensive player of the week. Every week we’ll take a look at a different Viking defender. (For the record, I am going to do an offensive player of the week for another blog, located at http://vikings.sportsbloggingnetwork.com/)

Since this is a new feature, we’ll start out by looking at a new player.

Vikings fans… meet Jared Allen.

Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings

Jared Scott Allen grew up in California learning to reign horses and competing in junior rodeos. As he grew up he developed a love for football, and he attended college at Idaho State University. He was a four time All-Big Sky Conference player, and he finished his college career with 250 tackles, 38.5 sacks, 73 stops for losses, seven fumble recoveries, 3 touchdowns, 13 forced fumbles, three interceptions, 26 pass deflections, and a blocked kick.

In 2004, the Kansas City Chiefs used a 4th round pick to select Allen to their team. According to wikipedia, his combine stats were as follows:

  • 4.81 40 yard dash
  • 33 Inch Vertical jump
  • 10 Foot Broad jump
  • 4.36 Short Shuttle
  • 7.15 3 cone drill

Allen quickly became the cornerstone of a rebuilding Chiefs defense. In his four years with Kansas City, he sacked the quarterback 9, 11, 7.5, and 15.5 times respectively.

Between 2002 and 2006, Allen has been charged with DUI 3 times. As a result of the last charge, he spent 48 hours in jail and was suspended for 2 games by the NFL. (He led the league in sacks despite missing those two games). Since then, Allen has given up drinking completely.

In April of 2008, Allen was traded to the Vikings. The Vikings gave up 3 draft picks for Allen, deciding that Allen could help them become an instant contender. Allen is enthusiastic about his role in Minnesota, and the chance to form a dominating defensive line along with Pat Williams, Kevin Williams, and Ray Edwards.

“I’m a happier guy now,” said Allen, “I’m in a better organization. I’m in a better spot. Nothing against Kansas City as an organization, I just think my fit’s better in Minnesota.”

Vikings fans are certainly happy to have him!

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http://www.nfl.com/players/jaredallen/profile?id=ALL454745 http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ap-vikings-alleninpurple&prov=ap&type=lgns

A Brett Favre Update

The Brett Favre saga continues to dominate NFL headlines.   I personally can’t wait until Favre is on a team somewhere in training camp so we can get back to normal NFL coverage, but I don’t know how soon that will happen.   Lots of people are talking about whether or not Favre will be coming to their team, so I’m sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way that I do about wanting the whole thing to be over.

Jet’s fans are talking about if Pennington is battling Clemens or Favre for the starting job.  Even though it seems like the Vikings have been in the forefront of a lot of the Favre discussion, I think realistically the Jets are the most likely destination for Brett if he is going to leave Green Bay.  (Of course that would leave me to wonder if Childress would go after Chad Pennington… but that’s a whole different topic)

Buccaneers fans are wondering if Favre will show up.  After all, John Gruden collects quarterbacks, and what better player to add to his collection than the one who holds most of the QB records!  From what I read, Jeff Garcia is already unhappy about the situation.

Bears fans are wondering if Brett will be in Chicago this year.  Of all the teams involved in the rumors, the Bears could use him most.  I’m pretty sure YOU would be a better answer at quarterback than Grossman or Orton.  Like the Vikings, though, the Bears are pretty unlikely to end up with Favre under center this year.

Part of me would love to see Brett in purple and gold this year, but part of me realizes that each day that ticks away without him in Mankato is one more day that would be wasted when he did show up.  Favre is not familiar with Brad Childress’s playbook, so most likely it would have to be simplified in order for Brett to jump in right away.  If that were to happen, much of the practice and walk-thrus that the offense have done so far would go to waste.  It is fun to think about what Brett Favre could do with Adrian Peterson behind him, but it’s not fun to think about what it would take to get the team ready for that.

But if you really want my opinion, he’ll be in New York this season.

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Jackson to Berrian – I hope we hear that a lot this year!

I just read an article that was very encouraging to me.

Click here to read it for yourself!

This is exactly the kind of news that I was hoping to hear. First of all, it sounds like Jackson and Berrian have been working out together basically since the day that Berrian signed with Minnesota. They’ve been doing their cardio workouts together, throwing the ball around and working on timing, and then lifting weights together, just to get to know each other inside out. They’re both students of the game, and I love the fact that they’re spending so much time together.

In my opinion Berrian and Jackson working well together is the key to this coming season’s offense. Now, don’t you Vikings fans worry that I’ve forgotten about our beloved Adrian Peterson, but the league showed last year that they can slow him down with 8 and 9 guy fronts if we let them. The only way we can prevent that is if we have a passing attack that can pick apart undermanned secondaries. The Vikings spent big money to bring in Berrian. I hope it was worth it. Reading articles like this let me hold onto at least a little hope that it was.

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Random news and notes from training camp

Good morning Vikings fans!

Training Camp is in full swing, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the happenings that might be of some interest to you.

Article about the battle at the QB position

John David Booty
John David Booty Brooks Bollinger

For the Vikings, the only QB battle going on is for the 3rd string position between ineffective veteran Brooks Bollinger and 5th round draft pick John David Booty out of USC. I have to think that this isn’t much of a battle. As big of a fan as former Wisconsin offensive-coordinator Brad Childress is of former Wisconsin QB Brooks Bollinger, even he has to see that Brooks just isn’t that great of a quarterback for the NFL. Besides that, the Vikings traded up in the 5th round specifically to get Booty, and Childress likes to have QB projects to work on. I think Booty has the job in the bag, and I think Bollinger is in camp just to drive Booty a little bit.

McKinnie and Allen go head to head
Bryant McKinnie and newcomer Jared Allen are going head to head during practices at training camp. McKinnie says that he’s learning a lot by guarding Allen, who is likely one of the toughest people he’ll face all year, while Allen says that pushing around the almost 350 pound McKinnie all day is definitely helping him get ready for the upcoming season.

One thing I love about the strong left side on the offensive line and the strong defensive line as a whole is that they’re going to work each other hard during practices. If our defensive line can learn to get past an o-line that has McKinnie, Hutchinson, and Birk during practice, then they’re going to be sitting pretty good during regular season games. On the other hand, when our O-line has to learn to block Jared Allen, Pat Williams, and Kevin Williams, most defensive lines that they face during the season are going to seem pretty easy to them.

The Vikings are searching for their kick returners
One of the things that the Vikes are trying to figure out during training camp is who will get to return kicks. The leading candidates for kickoff returns are Maurice Hicks, Albert Young, and Aundrae Allison. The article also mentions that Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor could also see some time returning kicks. The candidates for punt returners are Bobby Wade, Jaymar Johnson, Aundrae Allison, Bernard Berrian, and Charles Gordon.

As for the punt returners, I have to say that I’d like to see someone other than Bobby Wade do it. I didn’t think Wade was all that impressive last year, and it seemed like he called a fair catch on 95% of the punts, whether he needed to or not. I’d actually like to see what a guy like Berrian could do. I just don’t know enough about Johnson and Gordon.

On kick returns, my official guess is that Hicks will win it, although I would absolutely love for Albert Young to get that job. I’m very much a Hawkeyes fan, so I’ve been watching Young for the last couple of years. I have to say I’m biased for him, for sure, but I think he could contribute to the team. Unfortunately for him, it’s hard to get a position as a running back on a team that has Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, so I think him making the team is a long shot. Boy I’d love to see it, though.

Hopefully that scratched the Vikings-itch that I know we’re all dealing with this time of year and gave you a little bit of relief. It’s hard to come up with a whole lot of fresh news this time of year, but don’t worry, pre-season starts in just over a week!

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Monday Morning Vikings History Lesson: The First Game

Good Morning, class!  My name is Mr. The Jazzy One.  We here at the Minnesota Vikings Content Quake page are going to be implementing several weekly features in the coming weeks, starting with this one:  The Monday Morning Vikings History Lesson.

For the first lesson we are going to, appropriately enough, start with the first Vikings game ever.

The date was September 17, 1961.  The Vikings, the newest expansion team in the NFL, were going up against a team that had been a cornerstone in the NFL for quite some time:  The Chicago Bears.

George Shaw started the game at quarterback for the Vikings, but after an ineffective first quarter he was benched by head coach Norm Van Brocklin for 3rd round draft pick rookie Fran Tarkenton.  Tarkenton finished the game with 4 passing touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown to lead the brand new Vikings to a 37-13 victory.

Get Ready for more Adrian Peterson

Okay, so this is just a little bit to get you Vikings fans pumped up about the upcoming season!

Adrian Peterson

Let’s recap his rookie season:

  • He rushed for over 100 yards 6 different times in 13 1/2 games
  • Tied the league for 2nd most rushing TDs (12)
  • Finished second in the league in Rushing Yards (1,341)
  • Ran for over 200 yards in a game twice (only rookie to do that)
  • Set the NFL single-game record with 296 rushing yards
  • Gained the NFL all time third best position for combined yards in a game with 361 against Chicago
  • Scored his first regular season TD of his career on a 60+ yard pass play
  • Had 1,036 yards after 8 games, the best first half of a season by a rookie ever
  • Won the Rookie Of The Year award
  • Was named the Pro-Bowl MVP

Those are just a few of the reasons why I wake up on Sunday mornings during the football season and wish my wife a “Happy Adrian Peterson Day”!

Will Brett Favre be a Viking this year?

I’m sure at this point most of you are tired of hearing about the Brett Favre situation, but if I’m going to do a good job at covering the Vikings this year, I feel like I should probably talk about it.

Will Brett Favre become a Viking this year?

Well, my short answer is this: I very highly doubt it.

There are rumors going around that Brett would prefer to play for the Vikings in the upcoming year, but I just don’t see Green Bay allowing that to happen. You know they’re not going to trade him to the Vikings… giving up a beloved hero to a Division rival on purpose would simply not happen in the NFL. They’re also very unlikely to hand him his release for the exact same reason: They do NOT want him in the NFC North.

With that line of reasoning, it’s far more likely that the Packers will trade Favre, likely to an AFC team that they won’t have to see for the next couple of years, thus avoiding his grand return to Green Bay. According to the most recent reports, the Packers have already started calling around to other teams trying to get a feel for what they could get for Favre. It’s really starting to look like we’ll see Brett in a different uniform next year. Do you realize there are lots of NFL fans who are too young to even remember a time when the Packers did not have Favre? I watch Vikings games with my nephew Nathan who is going to be a Senior this coming school year, and is a pretty big sports fan, and Favre had already been starting for the Packers for a year by the time Nathan was born!

Anyway, back to the story… then we have all of the “tampering” rumors flying around.

I have to say that I’m a bit skeptical about these things. An early report said that Favre had been making phone calls from a team-issued cell phone to Vikings coach Brad Childress and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell. When I heard this, my first thought was that there was no way to prove that Childress or Bevell had made calls to Favre, as the NFL would not have access to their phone records.

But then a few days later it comes out that Favre did not even HAVE a team-issued phone. So now I’m left to wonder who started the first rumors?!?

I think it’s coming off as an attempt from someone in Green Bay to make Favre look bad. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist about the thing, but could it be that someone in Packer-land is “unofficially” trying to make the situation so difficult that Brett decides to hang it up (again) out of frustration alone?

A couple days ago Mike Tirico of ESPN Radio brought out an interesting idea, as well… what if the Vikings have planted ideas to other teams saying that they could trade for Favre, then the Vikings would turn around and give them something better in return… so for example, the Falcons could give a 2nd round pick for Brett, then the Vikings would give the Falcons a 1st rounder for him.

Interesting thought.

What it all boils down to is this: Grab your popcorn, because the Brett Favre saga is far from over.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One

Ray Edwards a bit banged up heading into camp.

The Vikings started training camp at 9:00am today, but starting defensive end Ray Edwards will be sitting out the first day or two with back pain. Coach Childress doesn’t seem to think it’s a very big deal, and says that his starting DE will most likely be back on the field in a day or two… but even if it takes longer, the important thing is getting him rested up before the season starts. The bright side is that some of the backups will get to work out with the starters for a couple days, and that always helps.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One