Vikings Trivia (8-5-09)

When former Quarterback Fran Tarkenton retired after the 1978 season he held the NFL records for passing attempts, passing completions, total passing yards, and passing touchdowns.

What do you think? Tarvaris or Sage

According to the Access Vikings guys (vi Twitter), Tarvaris Jackson is back on the practice field today, so the competition is once again going.

So that got me wondering… who do you guys want to win? Would you rather see the Vikings led by Tarvaris Jackson in 2009, or Sage Rosenfels? I know a lot of you probably have alternate answers, but assuming it has to be one of those two guys, what do you think?

Personally I prefer Jackson. I think Jackson just has more upside to him than Sage. He’s mobile, and when his confidence is there he can zip the ball around. In the last 4 games of the regular season he played very well and he moved the ball when he needed to.

I think Sage would be serviceable as our starting QB, but after recently watching guys like Brad Johnson, Kelly Holcomb, and Gus Frerotte, I’m just not that interested in a QB who can’t avoid a pass rush.

Running Backs: Albert Young

I asked Chip Scoggins (from Access Vikings on the Star Tribune) via Twitter how Albert Young is fairing at Training Camp this year. Since I’m also an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, I’m a little bit biased toward Albert Young, and I’d love to see him make the team.

Chip tweeted me back saying that Albert Young looks very solid so far, and that he expects Young to make the team at the #3 spot.

Being on a team that has Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, it’s pretty easy for the #3 guy to get lost in the shuffle. Two years ago that guy was Mewelde Moore, and he’d get a carry from time to time, and he got to return some punts. Last year that guy was Maurice Hicks. The only thing I ever noticed about Hicks was the fact that he wasn’t much of a kick returner.

So it doesn’t seem real important that Young will get that job, but I think for a #3 guy, he’d be a solid player to have on the team. He actually reminds me a lot of Chester Taylor in the way he plays. He’s a solid runner who isn’t going to break Peterson-esque long runs, but he’ll steadily gain yards. He blocks well and catches good out of the backfield. Last year during preseason I felt that he played better than Maurice Hicks in pretty much every aspect of the game, including kick returns.

I’m really hoping Chip is right. I’d love to see Albert make the team.

Useless Information

Here’s a random piece of information that most of you probably don’t care about:

Yesterday I got a Vikings Jersey in the mail that I bought on Ebay.  It was a Robert Smith Jersey.  The guy’s name that sold it to me:  Robert Smith.

Aundrae Allison not going to be a Viking much longer

Aundrae Allison

The word is coming from the Star Tribune that Aundrae Allison will be released by the Vikings at 5:00 PM today if he is not traded first.

It’s not surprising that Allison isn’t going to make the team. The Vikings will likely keep 5 receivers, and those receivers will probably be Bernard Berrian, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Bobby Wade, and either Darius Reynaud or Jaymar Johnson.

Both Johnson and Reynaud seem to have the edge over Allison because of their ability to return kicks… although Allison does hold the longest kick return in Vikings history with a 104 yard return against Detroit in 2007.

Vikings Joke

One day this kid was playing with his friend, and out of nowhere a huge dog runs up and starts attacking his friend. The boy wrestles the dog down and brakes its neck.

While all of that was happening a reporter for a newspaper was walking by. The reporter saw what happened and wanted to ask the kid a few questions for the newspapper. So she wrote in her notes ”brave Vikings fan saves friend from nasty dog”.

The boy said “But I’m not a Vikings fan.”

Then the reporter wrote in her notes ”Brave Twins fan saves friend from nasty dog”.

Then the kid says “But I’m not a Twins fan either.”

The reporter asks well what type of fan are you, and the boy answers “I’m a Packers fan!”

Then the reporter writes in her notes ”stupid kid kills household pet”.

Some notes from Training Camp (hey, it’s all we’ve got until the season starts!)

This is just a list of some things happening during training camp. I’m getting most of my camp information from and

The updates will be bolded. My own comments are not.

  • Visanthe Shiancoe seems to be all over the place, making big plays
    Last year he stepped up his play to an amazing level. It sounds to me like he’s picking up right where he left off. If Shiancoe can continue his great play from last year, he’ll be a very important piece of the Vikings offense this season.
  • EJ Henderson is all over the field on defense
    We only got about 3.5 games from Henderson last year, and it already looked like he was making his bid to be known as the top linebacker in the league. One of the things I’m looking forward to most this year is watching Henderson improve what was already a great defense last year. I mean, think about it… the middle linebacker is one of the most important positions on defense. Our defense played great last year with tons of transition at that position for most of the year!
  • Jackson isn’t practicing right now
    His sprain is only a Grade I sprain, which basically means he’s day to day. That’s good news. If we’re really going to have a QB competion, he should probably be competing.
  • Rosenfels learning the system
    It’s apparently a little different than the WCO they ran in Houston, but according to the guys watching the practices, he’s making some decent plays.

Daily Vikings Trivia (8/3/09)

The Vikings chose a running back in the first round for the 10th time in 2007 when they took Adrian Peterson with the seventh pick. The only two running backs they selected with a higher pick were Tommy Mason, who was the first draft pick in Vikings history, and #1 overall in 1961, and Clinton Jones who was # 2 overall.

Some more info on the changes to this blog

I just wanted to take a couple minutes and tell you guys some more about the direction that this blog is going to go.

First of all, let me make it known that we are still first and foremost a Minnesota Vikings Blog, very much in the way that you would expect. I’m going to report the Vikings news as it comes out, and I’m going to give me opinion on a lot of that news. If that changes in any way, it will only be that it becomes more frequent.

The biggest change on this site will be that I will make use of more multimedia features. The site will become much more visual, with pictures and charts and whatever else I can find that will enhance the information that I’m offering to you. There will also be much more video… both original video content that I create myself, and interesting things that I find around the web.

The other big change will be that this site will take on a little bit more of an “All-Things-Vikings” type feel. I’m a huge Vikings fan, so I understand that Vikings news is the most important thing for a site to give me, but at the same time, I enjoy Vikings highlights, trivia, humor, pictures, history, player information, and a lot more.

So for that reason, I’m going to resurrect the old features of Player Profiles and Vikings History. They won’t be weekly features necessarily. Instead they’ll be “periodic” features. Sometimes you’ll get 1 a month. Sometimes you’ll get 3 a week. It just depends and what’s going on in the Vikings world.

But we will be adding regular features. Every week day you will get an interesting piece of Vikings trivia. Twice a week you’ll get a Vikings joke (usually at the expense of our division rivals).

And finally, when the regular season starts, you will get some amazing new features. I can’t tell you about them yet, but I have a feeling that they will be your favorite items on this blog.

So keep an eye out over the next several days for some new features, and be sure to let me know if you have any additional ideas for me. I have added a contact page at the top of this blog with several ways that you can reach me. I look forward to hearing from you!