Today is the Day!

Hey Vikings fans! Today is the day where we begin to introduce new features to this site. We’re starting with something I am calling “The Viking Ship”. Basically, it’s a live video report for the blog.

Keep watching throughout the day. I’m going to introduce another couple of features, plus explain the direction we’re going to head in overall.

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Quick Weekend News: Harvin and Jackson

Percy Harvin signed a five year contract with the Vikings, and he’s already on the field practicing.  He missed two days of camp, but still should have plenty of time to get caught up.  He’s already worked on some kick return drills, and he’s taken some reps as a WR with the FIRST team.

Tarvaris Jackson has a Grade I sprain of his MCL.  He’s day to day, but he’s not practicing today.  Last year he had the same injury during the pre-season, and it kept him out of two games.  Coach Childress is not concerned about the injury, and said Jackson will be fine.

Follow what’s happening in Training Camp

The two bloggers for Access Vikings are at  training camp right now, and they are updating fans as to what’s happening through Twitter.

If you want to follow them, go to and

It’s somewhat interesting to have their pages open in the background to take a look every now and then.  So far it seems Jackson and Rosenfels are trading off reps with the first team.  Loadholt is playing with the first team as well.

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Why Michael Vick is WRONG for the Vikings


As soon as the Brett Favre Drama was over, Vikings fans and football fans around the country immediately start in on rumors of the Vikings signing Michael Vick.

How can I put this gently….


The gripe with current Vikings passers is that they don’t have the ability to force the other team to stop stacking 8 or 9 guys in the box.  Tarvaris Jackson is not enough of a threat to move the ball through the air to force teams to keep their guys away from Adrian Peterson.

Why do Vikings fans think that Vick would create that threat?!?  He was known for his RUNNING game, not his passing game.  If anything, having Vick on the team would take away carries from Peterson, and it would encourage defenders to stack the box.

At this point, Michael Vick has a career completion percentage of 53.8%.  His best season percentage wise was 2004 when he threw for 56.4%.  On his career, he averages 155.5 passing yards per game.  He averages about 6.7 yards per attempted pass.  He averages right around .7 interceptions per game.

Let’s compare that to Tarvaris Jackson.  Jackson, who is often criticized by Vikings fans for not being an accurate thrower, has a career completion percentage of 58.4%.   His WORST season percentage-wise was 2006 (he only started 2 games) when he threw for 58.0%…  which is 1.6% higher than Vick’s best year.  He only averages 137.7 yards per game, but he has 2.4 less attempts per game than Vick.  He averages about 6.6 yards per attempted pass.  He also averages right around .7 interceptions per game.

They are very similar passing QBs, but Tarvaris Jackson is more accurate.  Vick is a better runner, averaging 7.3 yards per carry over Jackson’s 5.1, but the Vikings don’t exactly need any more runners.  Oddly enough, though, Vick gets sacked an average of 2.5 times per game, and Tarvaris only gets sacked an average of 1.6 times per game.

Just for the sake of comparison, Sage has a career completion percentage of 62.5%  Last year he threw for 66.7%.  His yards per game is down at 129.9, but to be fair, he has been a career backup.   He averages 7.4 yards per pass attempt.  He averages about .9 interceptions per game.

Obviously, though, Sage isn’t nearly as mobile as Vick or Jackson.  He averages 2.2 yards per rushing attempt.  He’s only sacked .6 times per game, but I think that number is pretty skewed since he has played much fewer minutes per game than the other two as well.

Harvin not at training camp. Possible holdout?

The Vikings first round draft pick Percy Harvin is not yet signed to a contract, and not yet at training camp.

Contract negotiations should be fairly easy at this point, because the people drafted before and after Harvin this past April have both signed a contract.  That usually gives the team a gauge of how much money they’re going to have to pay a rookie.

Mike Florio speculated when writing for if this was the beginning of a hold out situation.  Had it not been for some issues in his high school days and failing a drug test (marijuana) shortly before the draft, Harvin probably would’ve gone much higher than #22… possibly even top 10.  While it’s not likely that he’ll get top 10 money, he may be holding out for lots of incentives.

He probably also knows that the Vikings had a chunk of change set aside for Favre, and maybe he’s hoping to get some of that.

And, he probably also knows that without Favre, the Vikes will be in need of his talent even more… especially if they plan on mixing in some Wildcat formations.

Part of me understands that a player wants as much as they can get in a contract.  I mean, we all think “Why, they’re millionaires anyway.  What does it matter?!”  But think of it this way… if you thought you deserved an extra $1000 a year on your salary, how bad would you want it?  Even if it’s only gonna give you an extra $20 a week?  To us, a millionaire is a millionaire, but even an extra $1 million a year is just shy of $20,000 a WEEK.  They might be rich already, but that has to sound like big money to anyone. (except maybe Warren Buffett)

But, from a fan’s point of view, the Vikings need to get Percy to camp ASAP.  If what Bevell said earlier in the summer is true, and they really are designing plays specifically with him in mind, then they need to be able to work on those plays as much as possible.

Source:  ProFootballTalk

Quick Update: Loadholt signed

2nd round pick Phil Loadholt signed a contract today.  That just leaves Percy Harvin to get inked, and we’re good to go.

My take on Favre

If you’ve been reading this blog at all this summer, you know that I wanted Favre to be a Viking in 2009.  I don’t feel like Jackson or Rosenfels can keep the defense from stacking 8 or 9 men in the box, and I feel like Favre would’ve done that through his presence alone.  I’ve told many people that if Favre is a Viking, I think Peterson will rush for 2,000 yards.

All that being said, since Favre officially said “no” yesterday, I really hope he leaves it at that.  My outlook for a Jackson-led team isn’t nearly as high as a Favre-led team would’ve been, but I want the Vikes to have some stability as they’re preparing themselves for the season.

But somehow I feel that we still haven’t heard the last of Brett Favre.  Somehow I have a hunch that next week, after training camp is about half over, Favre will “get the itch” to play.   It’s well documented that Brett Favre does not enjoy training camp.

Even after telling the Vikings he wasn’t coming back, Favre said he is going to continue to work out and throw the ball.

As much as I’d love Favre on the team, at this point I want it to be over.  I’ll admit… if I’m right and Favre signs next week, I’ll get over this feeling, and I’ll probably change my tune, and I’ll be a happy guy.

But for now I can honestly say, for the sake of the Vikings, Brett… stay home.


According to the Star Tribune, Brett Favre is staying retired.

Read the short article HERE

To be honest, my expectations for this season just dropped a couple notches.

Around the NFL: The draft will now take 3 days

This news is a few days old, but I wanted to mention it.

Starting this April, the NFL draft will now be a 3 day ordeal.  The first round will be in Prime Time on THURSDAY night.  The second and third rounds will be on Friday night.  Rounds 4 – 7 will now take place on Saturday morning/afternoon.

I for one hate it.

I already hated the idea that they didn’t start this past draft until evening.


If the draft starts at 6:30 Central time, it probably won’t be over until after Midnight.  At the risk of sounding like an old man… some people have to work Friday morning!!  How about the poor people on the East coast? (You know… those that live in big cities, like, say,  New York or Boston).  Are they expected to watch the NFL draft until after 1:00 AM on a Thursday night?  What terrible planning.

I miss the days of waking up and knowing that by mid-late morning I was going to sit down and watch the draft, and that the first round would take me up to the evening.  Then I could miss a little of the second round while I grabbed dinner, then finish the night off with the draft.

I don’t like the changes at all.

Just one week away now!!!

One More Week!

It’s almost time!  One week from today we’ll be launching the new and improved!