Well, it’s Friday, where’s Favre?!?

Oh yeah, he’s not quite ready yet.

How am I not surprised?

His agent, Bus Cook, said that Brett is still considering a few things, but a decision could possibly come by the beginning or the middle of next week.


That’s good, because Thursday was supposed to be his deadline.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m excited about Favre being a Viking, but he sure likes to drag out his media attention for as long as he can.

Winfield signs an extention

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Antoine Winfield signed an extention with the Vikings today, which is one of the major things that were looming over the team this off season.

I think this is GREAT news. Winfield was a monster on the field last year, and I’m glad to see the Vikings wrap him up for a while.

Last year’s addition of Jared Allen really helped the Vikings pass defense by putting some pressure on opposing QBs. Winfield’s incredible play, though, was also a part of that improvement. I really think that having EJ Henderson for more than 3 1/2 games this year will make the defense improve yet again.

The Williams Wall should know it’s fate by August 7

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The federal judge appointed to the case of Pat and Kevin Williams against the NFL said that he will rule by August 7.  At that time we’ll know whether Pat and Kevin have to sit out the first 4 games of the season or not.

As a fan of the Vikings, I want the Williams boys (no relation) to win, and for them to start in all 16 games this year.

As a rational thinker, I think if they do lose the case, it’s good for them to miss the first four weeks.  The first 3 weeks should be winnable games even without them, and hopefully the momentum could carry the Vikes through their week 4 Monday night matchup against Green Bay.

As a Vikings writer, I can’t wait for this case to be over.  This story and the Brett Favre story are the only things Vikings fans get to read about these days it seems.  Hopefully we’re finally nearing the end of both of them.

Reliving the good ol’ days: Randy Moss highlights

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ac1FaUqrSxI" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Adrian Peterson highlights are fun, but sometimes it’s nice to remember what used to get Vikings fans all pumped up!

I LOVE the 1 handed catch around the 6:10 mark.

Favre to decide by the end of the week (again)

NFL.com is reporting that Favre is going to decide whether or not he’s going to be a Viking by the end of this week (which would be 6 days before his deadline).


I want Favre to be a Viking, and personally as long as he’s there by training camp, what’s the rush? But how many times have we heard that we’re at least a week away from a decision from Brett? This has to be at least the third or fourth time, doesn’t it?

Source:  NFL.com

Down to only 2 Weeks!

2 More Weeks

In 2 weeks we’re going to liven up the party around here. Be sure to keep watching!

A look at what Percy Harvin can do

This is an article I found while I was surfing the web.  Basically it’s talking about what Percy Harvin can bring to a team in terms of offensive production.  I’m going to let the article do all the explaining, and I’ll just say that when I read stuff like this, it makes me excited to see the Vikings offense this year.

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Cris Carter on Brett Favre

Cris Carter, someone who is not shy about giving his opinion, spoke today on the idea of Favre joining the Vikings.


Carter thinks that the biggest problem with the situation is that Sage and Tarvaris are left waiting. At the present moment, they have to proceed as if they are both competing for the starting job, but in the back of their minds they know there’s a good chance they aren’t.

“The bad thing is, what is the backlash from no communication with the other kids? Because ultimately, you have to tell these kids something,” Carter said. “You’re setting yourself up where they’re going to have a very uncomfortable time, at the first day of camp, because Tarvaris don’t know nothing and Sage don’t know nothing. “That right there will be the hurdle for them to overcome, internally.”

The legendary hall of fame receiver does believe that Favre will be a Viking for sure, though. He said the team isn’t going to waste time and money sending trainers to see him if he’s not going to be an employee.

He also said that Favre will make the Vikings “dangerous”. He commented that Adrian Peterson is the most dominant non-QB player in the league, and how so far the presence of Peterson has demanded that defenses put 8 or 9 guys in the box. He also brought out the point that I’ve been making to people all along…

“With Brett, what kind of cover you going to play against them? He opens it up. And Brett opens up their offense for Brad. Brad will do things that he has never done, because of Brett.

Source:  TwinCities.com

Brett Favre will give the Vikes an answer by July 30

According to The Viking Age, ESPN has reported that Brett Favre informed the Vikings that they would have his decision by July 30th. Practice for the players officially starts on July 31.

I agree with what the article on The Viking Age says… knowing Favre, this decision will not only come ON the 30th, but as late in the day as possible.

I’m very much looking forward to having Brett Favre on the team this year, but the man does like to string out his media attention as long as possible.

I guess I should be happy that he’s giving me SOMETHING to write about during this slow time.

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The official Vikings website has been updated!

The Minnesota Vikings have recently updated their official website, and it’s a big improvement in my opinion. I think the page load cleaner, feels cleaner, and is a little easier to navigate.

Click on the picture to visit the site:

Official Vikings Website