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Favre to decide by the end of the week (again) is reporting that Favre is going to decide whether or not he’s going to be a Viking by the end of this week (which would be 6 days before his deadline).


I want Favre to be a Viking, and personally as long as he’s there by training camp, what’s the rush? But how many times have we heard that we’re at least a week away from a decision from Brett? This has to be at least the third or fourth time, doesn’t it?


Cris Carter on Brett Favre

Cris Carter, someone who is not shy about giving his opinion, spoke today on the idea of Favre joining the Vikings.


Carter thinks that the biggest problem with the situation is that Sage and Tarvaris are left waiting. At the present moment, they have to proceed as if they are both competing for the starting job, but in the back of their minds they know there’s a good chance they aren’t.

“The bad thing is, what is the backlash from no communication with the other kids? Because ultimately, you have to tell these kids something,” Carter said. “You’re setting yourself up where they’re going to have a very uncomfortable time, at the first day of camp, because Tarvaris don’t know nothing and Sage don’t know nothing. “That right there will be the hurdle for them to overcome, internally.”

The legendary hall of fame receiver does believe that Favre will be a Viking for sure, though. He said the team isn’t going to waste time and money sending trainers to see him if he’s not going to be an employee.

He also said that Favre will make the Vikings “dangerous”. He commented that Adrian Peterson is the most dominant non-QB player in the league, and how so far the presence of Peterson has demanded that defenses put 8 or 9 guys in the box. He also brought out the point that I’ve been making to people all along…

“With Brett, what kind of cover you going to play against them? He opens it up. And Brett opens up their offense for Brad. Brad will do things that he has never done, because of Brett.


Brett Favre will give the Vikes an answer by July 30

According to The Viking Age, ESPN has reported that Brett Favre informed the Vikings that they would have his decision by July 30th. Practice for the players officially starts on July 31.

I agree with what the article on The Viking Age says… knowing Favre, this decision will not only come ON the 30th, but as late in the day as possible.

I’m very much looking forward to having Brett Favre on the team this year, but the man does like to string out his media attention as long as possible.

I guess I should be happy that he’s giving me SOMETHING to write about during this slow time.

Read the article HERE


Tarvaris Jackson trade rumors

The latest rumors from NFL-ville seem to be that Tarvaris Jackson is going to demand a trade if Brett Favre gets signed. Of course, not many people are talking about these rumors, because, well…. it’s about Tarvaris Jackson.

T Jack

Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been a T-Jack supporter thus far. I think two years ago he had no receivers to throw to and a coach that didn’t trust him, and I think last year he got thrown under the bus by Childress so that Childress didn’t have to take the blame for a slow start on himself. I was very much against the benching of Jackson, and I was NOT a fan of Gus Frerotte being the starting QB.

That being said, Tarvaris Jackson being on the trading block isn’t exactly going to shake up the league. If Tarvaris demands a trade, the Vikings will get little to nothing for him, and Tarvaris will never start in the NFL again (barring injury to whatever QB he’s backing up).

On the flip side, if he stays in Minnesota and sits behind Favre for a year, or more ideally, two years, he’ll have a shot at at least competing for the starting job after Favre retires one or two more times.

To be honest, Tarvaris doesn’t strike me as the “demand a trade” type of guy, so I’m not sure I buy into these rumors a whole lot.

As for the Vikings point of view, though… I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: If the Vikings have to choose between Jackson and Rosenfels as a backup, they need to keep Jackson. I’m not saying Jackson is the surefire answer after Favre leaves the Vikings, but he’s entering his fourth NFL season, and Rosenfels is entering his 9th. If the Vikings get two years out of Favre, at the end of that time, Jackson will be entering his 6th season, and Rosenfels his 11th. If the Vikes are going to keep one of the, they need to keep Jackson, just because he’s at the stage of his career that sitting behind Favre could potentially help him improve. Rosenfels is probably near the peak of his game right now.

Jerry Rice Weighs in

This news is a couple days old, but it’s still pretty interesting.

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals held a workout session in the Twin Cities, and one of the people invited to work out with him was Jerry Rice. Reporters caught up to Rice and asked him what he thought of Favre wanting to come back.


Read the interview HERE

It’s an interesting opinion. Rice made it sound like if he was Vikings management, he’d rather go with Tarvaris Jackson than Brett Favre, but that he can understand Favre wanting to play even if he’s past his prime. I mean, afterall, Jerry Rice played several seasons after he stopped being the best in the league, so if anyone understands, it should be him, right?

Old Rice

Favre purchased a home in Minnesota?


Okay, I said there were only so many things I could say about Brett Favre today, but I had to go out and read the other Vikings Blogs, which brought this to my attention.

According to The Vikings Gab, a fan sent them a piece of information that said Brett purchased a home in Minnesota.

Check out the article HERE

Percy Harvin makes Childress say “Wow”

Coach Childress talked a little about Percy Harvin.

He mentioned it was roughly the same feeling that he had when they first handed Adrian Peterson the ball.

Those are big words!

I have to admit, the closer I get to the Vikings signing Brett Favre, and the closer I get to watching Percy Harvin play football wearing Purple and Gold, the more excited I get.  Even if Favre is only 75% of what he was two years ago, that’s enough to put the ball in the hands of Harvin and Berrian, and to keep the defense from stacking the box.

This year’s offense could be exciting!

Source:  Access Vikings

The good points of signing Favre

I just stumbled across a blog I have never read before called Pacifist Viking, and the writer there made a list of four great reasons that the Vikings should sign Brett Favre:

Spreading the field for AP
It’s hard to believe that the following two statements are true:

A. In his career, Adrian Peterson‘s starting quarterbacks have been Tarvaris Jackson, Kelly Holcomb, Brooks Bollinger, and Gus Frerotte.
B. Adrian Peterson has averaged 5.2 yards per rush.

In 2007 I watched the Chicago Bears occasionally put nine players in the box. Eight in the box is a regular occurance. Could a team do that with Brett Favre as the opposing QB? I don’t know, and that could mean a career year for AP.

To read the other three, please click HERE.


Favre improves the Vikings…. in computer simulations.


ESPN launched some research using computer simulations as to whether or not Brett Favre would theoretically help the Vikings win.

In 10,000 simulated seasons WITHOUT Brett Favre, the Vikings won an average of 9.5 games a year, with the Packers being the best team in the division averaging 9.8 wins a season.  In these 10,000 seasons, Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels were each starting half the games.

In 10,000 simulated seasons WITH Brett Favre, the Vikings became the best team in the NFC North, winning 10.2 games per season.

As my 9 or 10 weeks of Madden simulations proved last year, computer simulations aren’t very often overly accurate, but it still is an interesting way to look at things.


Source:  SCOUT.COM

The Vikings want Favre to be signed by training camp

If Brett Favre is going to be a Viking this year, Minnesota wants it to happen by training camp. Training camp starts on July 29th this year, which is 6 weeks away from today. That should give Favre plenty of time to be healed up and plenty of time to have tested his arm.


I think this is reasonable. Childress wants a full training camp with his quarterback, which makes sense. He wants Favre to have a chance to go through the offense as much as possible.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if a playbook was dropped of to Favre at some point. Everyone knows that if Favre plays this year, it’s going to be for Minnesota. He’s not going to go anywhere else, so there wouldn’t be a whole lot of fear by the Vikings in him having a playbook, right?

I also think it’s to Minnesota’s advantage that Favre has seen versions of the West Coast Offense in his career already, and it’s also to the Vikings advantage that they rely heavily on the running game. If Favre can remember a few short passing routes by week 1, and he can still hand off the ball, he’ll have plenty of time to really get up to speed. Obviously we don’t want the Vikes to strip down their playbook TOO much in the opening weeks, but then again, most people think that the Vikings stripped it down for Tarvaris for much of his playing time. (I’m not really sure if I buy that one, though). And of course, if the Vikes decide to throw in 10-12 snaps of the Wildcat into their offensive game plan, that would help relieve the immediate pressure on Favre as well.

As I’ve been saying for quite some time now, I think this is only a matter of time. As a fan, I’m willing to wait to see how Favre can throw, and I think that signing him by training camp is just fine.

But then again, as a blogger I wish they’d get the signing over with so that there was some different news to talk about every now and then. 🙂