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The Vikings are working out with Favre?

Okay, be warned… ESPN is reporting this, which means there may be absolutely nothing behind it (they’ve shown they don’t mind being inaccurate when reporting about Favre), but reports say that the Vikings are sending down a member of the coaching staff and a trainer to Mississippi to work out with Brett Favre.

The Vikings have come out and said that they want to see how Favre is progressing after his off season surgery.

If this is true, it’s another sign that if Farve is alright, he’ll be a Viking.

Source:  Access Vikings

Childress clarifies the Favre situation a bit

Childress clarified some things about the situation between Favre and the Vikings (finally) on KFAN radio this morning.

He said that neither he nor the Vikings organization ever put any kind of deadline on Favre joining the team.  He’s not sure where that news came from.

He also did NOT close the door on Favre becoming a Viking.  He said that Tarvaris and Sage continue to compete for the starting job at the present time, but the Vikings are still interested in seeing what Favre has left in his arm.  He commented that Favre started off very strong last year, but was held back by the injury.

When asked about how Favre and him would co-exist, since Favre likes to take control of the team and do things his way, he responded  “I think it’s more of, just like you talk about with a quarterback, can he manage a game?” Childress said. “I think it’s more about that. And then you letting him know your expectations and how we’re playing the game here and what we value here. Those are different virtually everywhere you go and every system you play in.”

After reading this interview, I actually feel like the situation has calmed down a ton.  Rumors were flying everywhere, and there were tons of contradictions.  It was hard to know what to believe.

Now more than ever I’m convinced that by mid-July Brett Favre will be a Minnesota Viking.


More conflicting Favre stories

Reading news about Brett Favre is like watching a high school debate.  As soon as someone says something, someone else is there to dispute it.

Earlier this week it was reported that Favre was given a deadline of the end of the week by the Minnesota Vikings.  (Read the story HERE)

Now we’re seeing stories that no deadline was given, and that the first story was “made up”.  (Read that article HERE)

I don’t know who to believe anymore when I read about Favre, but I would tend to lean toward the idea that there is NO deadline.  I mean, come on… if Favre said next week that he wanted to play, do you think the Vikings are going to turn him down?  If he says in the middle of July that he wants to play, do you think the Vikes are going to turn him down?

I could see the sense in the coaching staff implying there was a deadline, trying to hurry Brett along, but then again, that would be assuming that the coaching staff isn’t in constant contact with Favre.

Of course this is all speculation on my part, but after the reports came out this weekend that Favre has indeed had surgery on his shoulder, my guess is that the Vikings know exactly how far along Favre is, and they’ve already worked out a lot of factors and conditions and what not, and the only thing left for them to do is sign a contract.

But that’s just a guess.

Chili’s Daydreaming?

I came across this video on YouTube, and I decided to share it. It was posted by YouTube user nadasfan. It’s pretty impressive video editing, and it’s amusing to watch. You guys should check it out.

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Childress says that Favre is “retired”

Brad Childress recently tried to take the focus off of Brett Favre and put it on his current roster.  He said it’s been several weeks since he’s talked to Favre, and that while it was worth consideration, Brett Favre is still retired…. as far as he knows.

Childress is doing the right thing in proceeding as if Jackson and Rosenfels are going to be battling it out for the starting position.  Until Favre is actually present in camp, the Vikings have to proceed without him.

I still don’t buy it, though.

Source:  NFL.COM

ANOTHER contradictory Favre story

I should probably go ahead and call this the Brett Favre Blog… geesh, I wish he’d just sign so we could talk about other things, but if this is the news, then this is the news.

Anyway, ESPN is reporting now that Favre does NOT want surgery.  Yesterday it came out that Favre was going to have minor surgery later this week.

How come every time a report comes out saying one thing, a day later someone else says it’s not true.

And every time, Bus Cook says “Uh… does Brett Favre even remember what football is?”


Bus Cook says “Uh, who is Brett Favre again?!?”

Either NFL agent Bus Cook is a liar, or he knows nothing about what’s going on with Brett Favre.

Cook has recently again stated that to his knowledge Favre has no interest in playing football, and even though he “heard” that Favre might be throwing the ball around with high school kids, that as far as he knows, Brett is not working out.  He said that there is “no substance to the return rumors”

Why is it, then, that Favre is now scheduled (according to ESPN) to have surgery on his torn bicep later this week?

If the surgery goes well, there will be a 6-8 week recovery time, which means Favre would miss any team workouts and mini camp.  He’d be okay just in time for the official training camp and practices to start.

Why would he be having this surgery if he doesn’t want to play football?

I’m officially going on record now… if Brett Favre’s surgery goes well, he WILL be a Minnesota Viking next year.


Favre to consult Dr. James Andrews

Another huge clue?

Brett Favre is going to consult Dr. James Andrews about his shoulder / bicep injury. Andrews is one of the top doctors for athletes in America, and he has done a lot of big time, big news surgeries in the past.

So people still believe Bus Cook when he says Favre has no interest in playing?!?

What, does that injury make it too tough to relax on his farm?!?



Favre throwing the ball around with highschoolers…

Access Vikings  says Brett Favre has been throwing the ball around at Oak Grove High School in Mississippi with the local football team.

Of course, his agent Bus Cook doesn’t know anything about Favre throwing.

I watched the interview with the Oak Grove coach, and when asked how Favre’s arm looked, the coach answered “He’s Brett Favre.”.  The reporter tried to clarify and asked if he looked like he was throwing well, and the coach repeated “He’s Brett Favre.”

I become more and more convinced that by Mid-July or so, Brett Favre is going to be a Minnesota Viking.


I knew we weren’t done with this one yet…

ESPN is reporting that Brett Favre sent an X-Ray of his shoulder to the Minnesota Vikings.

Now tell me… if the guy plans to stay retired and spend his time mowing his grass in Mississippi, why would he send an X-Ray to a team that he has never played for?!?

I’ll say it again… I don’t think we’re going to know one way or another with Favre until late June at the earliest.  I am predicting lots and lots of conflicting reports until then.