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Conflicting reports on Favre

EPSN says one thing, Yahoo Sports says another…

(Both articles are linked from The Viking Age)

Mortensen Via Twitter: Favre Reports “Dead On”

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen claims that despite the fact that Brad Childress is in Minnesota today, rumors of a meeting are “dead on”

Brett Favre Will Not Play for the Vikings

But on the other hand, Yahoo Sports is saying that Brett told the Vikings that he’s going to stay retired.

Who to believe?  For all we know, Brett doesn’t even know which one is true at this point.

Childress at Winter Park?!?

Access Vikings is reporting that Brad Childress was spotted at Winter Park, the Vikings training facility at 7:00 AM this morning.

Isn’t he supposed to be meeting with Brett Favre?

What the heck is going on in Viking Land?

This is getting weird.


BREAKING NEWS: Favre and Childress schedule a meeting

My my my how things change quickly.

After the news broke this morning about Favre texting “NO” to Trent Dilfer in regards to playing this year, news broke this afternoon that Brad Childress and Favre will be meeting in an undisclosed location sometime this week to discuss Favre returning to the NFL and playing for the Vikings.

According to an Omaha sports talk radio show, Chris Mortensen from ESPN has also reported that Favre’s agent is looking into hiring QB coaches to come to Mississippi to start getting Favre ready for the upcoming season.

We may be hearing about the Brett Favre saga much less than we thought this offseason. Is it possible that we are a week or two away from having Brett as an official member of the Vikings?!?


Favre says he’s not coming back.

In a text message to Trent Dilfer Monday, Brett said “NO” (in capital letters) when asked if he was coming back to play next year.


I have to admit, I don’t buy it. I still don’t think he would’ve asked for his release if he planned on sitting at home come September.

Personally, I think there’s already something brewing between Minnesota and Favre, and I think both parties are trying to keep it quiet. That might be a little “conspiracy theorist” of me, but I really do have a hunch that something is going on.

But we’ll probably have to wait for a while to find out.


Sage isn’t sweating it…

Poor Sage Rosenfels.

He gets his first real chance at competing for an NFL starting job, and now rumors about Brett Favre coming to the Vikings start circulating.

Sage says he’s not sweating it, though.

I have a feeling that Sage’s days of answering questions about Brett Favre rumors are not going to end anytime soon, so it’s a good thing he’s already got the diplomatic answers down!


Weighing In on Brett Favre

I’m sure that the vast majority of you have heard all about the Brett Favre situation, so I won’t go too deeply into the details and the facts. I’ll give a quick summary:


  • Brett retired from the Jets
  • Even though he was retired, he asked for his release
  • After the second request for a release, the Jets granted it
  • Brett claims he’s going to stay retired … “for now”
  • Brett still holds a grudge against Packers GM Ted Thompson
  • Speculation is flying around that Brett still wants to play for the Vikings

I’ll admit that I find it very interesting that Brett asked for his release twice. I mean, realistically if he was sure that he wasn’t going to play, what does he care if he’s under contract with the Jets or not?! One guy I talked to said that perhaps he wanted to sign a one day contract with the Packers and retire in Green Bay, but if he holds a grudge against Thompson, then I really don’t see that happening.

I’ll admit that I do remember all of the news circulating last year that Brett wanted to play for Minnesota, but the Packers for obvious reason wouldn’t let that happen.

Mrs Favre in Purple

Favre's wife already likes wearing purple

So that leads to some speculation:

Question #1: Does Brett Want To (or can he) Play?

I have to assume that before we get too far into the off season, Brett will want to play again. He’s the Michael Jordan of football… he might think he wants to sit out, but does he really? The limiting factor may be his shoulder. It was reported at the end of last season that Brett would need surgery if he wanted to play again, and that he would need to think about getting that surgery immediately after the season. It seems (although conflicting reports seem that no one really knows for sure) that Brett has not had any surgery yet. Does that mean he’s not going to play?

Well, reports are starting to come out that the type of injury that Brett had could potentially heal itself with rest, or even with micro surgery, which would keep him out of action for only a couple of weeks.

Question #2: Do The Vikings need him?

The Vikings have Bernard Berrian, Chester Taylor, Adrian Peterson, and now Percy Harvin that could all benefit hugely from a good QB. Their quarterbacks are currently Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels, and John David Booty.

That question doesn’t need to be specifically answered.

Question #3: Do the Vikings (or more specifically Childress and Wilf) want him?

This will be the big question. When it comes to QBs, Childress seems intent on developing Jackson (or possibly Rosenfels)… almost as if he has a need to prove to the world that he can do it. They dropped out of the Cutler sweepstakes for some weak arguments about character (just weeks before they drafted Percy Harvin), they made no attempt to pick up Garcia, Warner (although that would’ve been admittedly useless), or even Leftwich. Any of those guys would’ve been an upgrade over Jackson. Instead they picked up Rosenfels, who will quite possibly play as Jackson’s backup.

My feelings about it:

The Vikings need him. Even a past-his-prime Brett Favre is an improvement to our offense. If nothing else, he’d simply keep the defenses honest when they wanted to stack the line against Peterson. If Favre was a Viking, and nothing else changed about our game plan, Peterson would rush for 2,000 yards.

Not only that, but if Childress really does want to develop Jackson, let him learn from a guy like Farve for a year (or if we’re lucky, two). Seriously, the only veterans Jackson has been around were Brad Johnson, Brooks Bollinger, Kelly Holcomb, and Gus Frerotte. Let him pick up some pointers from a real veteran.

Some Vikings fans in Internet-Land are already complaining that the Vikes don’t need a 40 year old QB. Those same Vikings fans, though, will be complaining that we didn’t get a QB if Jackson is named the starter. So those people need to be fully ignored.

Honestly, I think that most of us Vikings fans will watch the news every day, but we will see nothing but speculation until early July.  Then we’ll see Favre say “I want to play”.  That’s when we’ll have to start worrying about whether or not our coaching staff is smart enough to realize that the Vikings are a QB away from contending for the Super Bowl.

Now the big question: What do you think?

This is when you decide to click to leave your comments. 🙂

Here we go again?!?

As much as I hate to bring this up, we may be talking about this a lot….. again.

Is it possible that Brett Favre will be a Viking this year?

Brett Favre

In a weird way, it’s almost MORE possible this year than it was last. I mean, let’s face it… no matter how much some people wanted to see it happen, we all had to know that the Packers were NOT going to let Favre go to Minnesota. They even put a clause into the trade agreement with New York that said if the Jets traded Favre to Minnesota or Chicago, the cost of the trade would go way up.

But after a disappointing finish last year, Favre is playing the “Will I retire?” game again. Why is that significant? It’s significant because if he comes back he will be eating up $13 million in cap space for a team that is starting over with a new coaching staff. Even more important than that… if he hesitates and does the on-again/off-again thing that Brett is somewhat known for as of late, it could hold back New York during the important early rush in the Free Agent market. However, if they cut him and let him do whatever he chose, they would be able to spend that $13 in free agency, and start building the team how the new coach wants it to be built.

And cutting him would free him to go where ever he wanted.

Including Minnesota.

Hmmmmm, it could be an interesting off season again.

What do you think about all this?

Will Brett Favre be a Viking this year?

I’m sure at this point most of you are tired of hearing about the Brett Favre situation, but if I’m going to do a good job at covering the Vikings this year, I feel like I should probably talk about it.

Will Brett Favre become a Viking this year?

Well, my short answer is this: I very highly doubt it.

There are rumors going around that Brett would prefer to play for the Vikings in the upcoming year, but I just don’t see Green Bay allowing that to happen. You know they’re not going to trade him to the Vikings… giving up a beloved hero to a Division rival on purpose would simply not happen in the NFL. They’re also very unlikely to hand him his release for the exact same reason: They do NOT want him in the NFC North.

With that line of reasoning, it’s far more likely that the Packers will trade Favre, likely to an AFC team that they won’t have to see for the next couple of years, thus avoiding his grand return to Green Bay. According to the most recent reports, the Packers have already started calling around to other teams trying to get a feel for what they could get for Favre. It’s really starting to look like we’ll see Brett in a different uniform next year. Do you realize there are lots of NFL fans who are too young to even remember a time when the Packers did not have Favre? I watch Vikings games with my nephew Nathan who is going to be a Senior this coming school year, and is a pretty big sports fan, and Favre had already been starting for the Packers for a year by the time Nathan was born!

Anyway, back to the story… then we have all of the “tampering” rumors flying around.

I have to say that I’m a bit skeptical about these things. An early report said that Favre had been making phone calls from a team-issued cell phone to Vikings coach Brad Childress and Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell. When I heard this, my first thought was that there was no way to prove that Childress or Bevell had made calls to Favre, as the NFL would not have access to their phone records.

But then a few days later it comes out that Favre did not even HAVE a team-issued phone. So now I’m left to wonder who started the first rumors?!?

I think it’s coming off as an attempt from someone in Green Bay to make Favre look bad. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist about the thing, but could it be that someone in Packer-land is “unofficially” trying to make the situation so difficult that Brett decides to hang it up (again) out of frustration alone?

A couple days ago Mike Tirico of ESPN Radio brought out an interesting idea, as well… what if the Vikings have planted ideas to other teams saying that they could trade for Favre, then the Vikings would turn around and give them something better in return… so for example, the Falcons could give a 2nd round pick for Brett, then the Vikings would give the Falcons a 1st rounder for him.

Interesting thought.

What it all boils down to is this: Grab your popcorn, because the Brett Favre saga is far from over.

Until Next Time

-The Jazzy One