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IT’S GAME TIME: Preseason Week 1 Preview: Vikings at Colts

Game Preview


Man, am I ever pumped up. I went to a Twins game at the dome yesterday (ugh, but they lost), and tonight I get to watch the Vikings on TV. Good times, I tell ya. Gooooooooood Times.

Anyway, sorry about the excitement. Moving on.

Vikings At Colts

Tonight the Vikings will go to Indianapolis to play the Colts for the first preseason game of the year.  Of course when it comes to preseason, winning and losing doesn’t matter very much.  Instead we want to keep an eye on how the returning players have progressed from last year, and how the new players are going to fit in.  Here’s what I’m personally going to be watching for:

This  will be the storyline for the first quarter of tonight’s game.  For the first time in quite a long time, the Vikings have a legitimate quarterback battle taking place going into the season.  It was announced that tonight Sage will get the start with the first team, and next week Jackson will get those honors.  Each of them will basically have probably a quarter of football to impress the coaches to try to win the job.  I’m going to guess there will be a lot of passing going on, and hopefully we’ll get a good chance to see how Sage interacts with guys like Berrian, Shiancoe, and Harvin.

Speaking of Harvin, will the Vikings be able to work him into the offense tonight even though he’ll probably see limited action?  I seriously doubt we’ll see any wildcat formations tonight, as I’m going to guess that if the Vikings decide to use that package they’ll save it for the regular season.  However, I’d love to be wrong, because I think it’d be exciting to get a glimpse of what our guys can do with exotic lineups.

Will it be Benny Sapp, who has all kinds of athleticism, but not always the greatest head for the game?  Will it be Marcus McCauley who has played in the system for a while and has some valuable game time experience?  Will it be rookie Asher Allen who has been reported as a very aggressive DB who is not afraid to hit hard and take the ball out of receivers hands?

I don’t know if this one will interest you a lot, but as I’ve pointed out many times, I’m a big fan of Albert Young.  Chip Scoggins said on ACCESS VIKINGS that he was progressing well through training camp.  I’d love to see him become our #3 RB for this year.  To me he could fill the type of role held in the past by Mewelde Moore or Moe Williams… never the kind of backup who is going to step up and take over a game, but instead the kind of guy who you can rely on to fill whatever role he’s needed for.  Albert Young is an up-the-middle type runner who would be usable in short yardage situations.  He can catch the ball out of the backfield, he can return kicks and punts, and he can play special teams.  I hope he makes the roster.

I’m interested in watching Booty play tonight.  I know that he’ll be playing with the third team, because he’s really not in the race for the starting QB position at all, but I really want to see how he’s progressed.  Last year he looked shaky, even playing against 3rd string defenses.  He’s had a whole year of practices now, and he’s most likely more comfortable with the Vikings system.  He should most likely get to play the entire second half tonight, which will be valuable playing time for him.  I’d like to catch a glimpse to see if it looks like a chance that he can be developed into a starting QB someday, or if he’s going to be one of those players that just turns into a solid backup.

Enjoy the game everyone, and HAPPY FOOTBALL SEASON!!!


Random news and notes from training camp

Good morning Vikings fans!

Training Camp is in full swing, so I thought I’d take a look at some of the happenings that might be of some interest to you.

Article about the battle at the QB position

John David Booty
John David Booty Brooks Bollinger

For the Vikings, the only QB battle going on is for the 3rd string position between ineffective veteran Brooks Bollinger and 5th round draft pick John David Booty out of USC. I have to think that this isn’t much of a battle. As big of a fan as former Wisconsin offensive-coordinator Brad Childress is of former Wisconsin QB Brooks Bollinger, even he has to see that Brooks just isn’t that great of a quarterback for the NFL. Besides that, the Vikings traded up in the 5th round specifically to get Booty, and Childress likes to have QB projects to work on. I think Booty has the job in the bag, and I think Bollinger is in camp just to drive Booty a little bit.

McKinnie and Allen go head to head
Bryant McKinnie and newcomer Jared Allen are going head to head during practices at training camp. McKinnie says that he’s learning a lot by guarding Allen, who is likely one of the toughest people he’ll face all year, while Allen says that pushing around the almost 350 pound McKinnie all day is definitely helping him get ready for the upcoming season.

One thing I love about the strong left side on the offensive line and the strong defensive line as a whole is that they’re going to work each other hard during practices. If our defensive line can learn to get past an o-line that has McKinnie, Hutchinson, and Birk during practice, then they’re going to be sitting pretty good during regular season games. On the other hand, when our O-line has to learn to block Jared Allen, Pat Williams, and Kevin Williams, most defensive lines that they face during the season are going to seem pretty easy to them.

The Vikings are searching for their kick returners
One of the things that the Vikes are trying to figure out during training camp is who will get to return kicks. The leading candidates for kickoff returns are Maurice Hicks, Albert Young, and Aundrae Allison. The article also mentions that Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor could also see some time returning kicks. The candidates for punt returners are Bobby Wade, Jaymar Johnson, Aundrae Allison, Bernard Berrian, and Charles Gordon.

As for the punt returners, I have to say that I’d like to see someone other than Bobby Wade do it. I didn’t think Wade was all that impressive last year, and it seemed like he called a fair catch on 95% of the punts, whether he needed to or not. I’d actually like to see what a guy like Berrian could do. I just don’t know enough about Johnson and Gordon.

On kick returns, my official guess is that Hicks will win it, although I would absolutely love for Albert Young to get that job. I’m very much a Hawkeyes fan, so I’ve been watching Young for the last couple of years. I have to say I’m biased for him, for sure, but I think he could contribute to the team. Unfortunately for him, it’s hard to get a position as a running back on a team that has Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor, so I think him making the team is a long shot. Boy I’d love to see it, though.

Hopefully that scratched the Vikings-itch that I know we’re all dealing with this time of year and gave you a little bit of relief. It’s hard to come up with a whole lot of fresh news this time of year, but don’t worry, pre-season starts in just over a week!

Until next time

-The Jazzy One