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Why Michael Vick is WRONG for the Vikings


As soon as the Brett Favre Drama was over, Vikings fans and football fans around the country immediately start in on rumors of the Vikings signing Michael Vick.

How can I put this gently….


The gripe with current Vikings passers is that they don’t have the ability to force the other team to stop stacking 8 or 9 guys in the box.  Tarvaris Jackson is not enough of a threat to move the ball through the air to force teams to keep their guys away from Adrian Peterson.

Why do Vikings fans think that Vick would create that threat?!?  He was known for his RUNNING game, not his passing game.  If anything, having Vick on the team would take away carries from Peterson, and it would encourage defenders to stack the box.

At this point, Michael Vick has a career completion percentage of 53.8%.  His best season percentage wise was 2004 when he threw for 56.4%.  On his career, he averages 155.5 passing yards per game.  He averages about 6.7 yards per attempted pass.  He averages right around .7 interceptions per game.

Let’s compare that to Tarvaris Jackson.  Jackson, who is often criticized by Vikings fans for not being an accurate thrower, has a career completion percentage of 58.4%.   His WORST season percentage-wise was 2006 (he only started 2 games) when he threw for 58.0%…  which is 1.6% higher than Vick’s best year.  He only averages 137.7 yards per game, but he has 2.4 less attempts per game than Vick.  He averages about 6.6 yards per attempted pass.  He also averages right around .7 interceptions per game.

They are very similar passing QBs, but Tarvaris Jackson is more accurate.  Vick is a better runner, averaging 7.3 yards per carry over Jackson’s 5.1, but the Vikings don’t exactly need any more runners.  Oddly enough, though, Vick gets sacked an average of 2.5 times per game, and Tarvaris only gets sacked an average of 1.6 times per game.

Just for the sake of comparison, Sage has a career completion percentage of 62.5%  Last year he threw for 66.7%.  His yards per game is down at 129.9, but to be fair, he has been a career backup.   He averages 7.4 yards per pass attempt.  He averages about .9 interceptions per game.

Obviously, though, Sage isn’t nearly as mobile as Vick or Jackson.  He averages 2.2 yards per rushing attempt.  He’s only sacked .6 times per game, but I think that number is pretty skewed since he has played much fewer minutes per game than the other two as well.