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The Williamses can play, barring Federal action

A Minnesota court ruled today that Pat and Kevin Williams can play this season unless a federal court decides to reclaim jurisdiction on the case.

The two defensive tackles were supposed to be suspended last year because of traces of banned substances found in a drug test, but they sued the NFL, claiming that they were not made aware of the problems with a drug that has been taken in the NFL for years.

A panel of three federal judges will hear an appeal from the NFL on August 18th. If they decide that it’s a state matter, the Minnesota judge said it is unlikely that Pat or Kevin Williams will miss any games this year.

Kevin Williams declined to comment on any of this today until after he talks to his lawyer.


The Williams Wall should know it’s fate by August 7

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The federal judge appointed to the case of Pat and Kevin Williams against the NFL said that he will rule by August 7.  At that time we’ll know whether Pat and Kevin have to sit out the first 4 games of the season or not.

As a fan of the Vikings, I want the Williams boys (no relation) to win, and for them to start in all 16 games this year.

As a rational thinker, I think if they do lose the case, it’s good for them to miss the first four weeks.  The first 3 weeks should be winnable games even without them, and hopefully the momentum could carry the Vikes through their week 4 Monday night matchup against Green Bay.

As a Vikings writer, I can’t wait for this case to be over.  This story and the Brett Favre story are the only things Vikings fans get to read about these days it seems.  Hopefully we’re finally nearing the end of both of them.

Kevin and Pat Williams expect a key ruling today


Defensive Ends Kevin and Pat Williams expect to find out from the Hennepin county judge today if they can play football while their StarCaps case makes it’s way through the appeals.

Keep in mind that it was the Hennepin County judges who overturned the suspension in the first place. I think the Williams Wrecking Crew will come out of today’s ruling okay.

For them, the more important one will be finding out how the federal court appeals turn out.

Just a reminder, they face up to a four game suspension because they were taking StarCaps. StarCaps is a weight control supplement that contains an ingredient that was banned by the NFL. The Williams Wall claims that they were not informed of this by the league, so they should not be suspended. The League insists that the data was made available.


Pat and Kevin Williams could learn of potential discipline today.

Pat and Kevin Williams were suspended last season for the use of a banned substance, but their suspension was delayed due to legal issues.

Their official court date is set for June 15, but the court could issue a summary judgment in a hearing today.

Personally I hope that the Williams Wall is not suspended… I think if the NFL was unclear about whether or not the supplement they were taking was approved or not, the league should take responsibility for their error.

But if they are going to be suspended, I’m glad that they’ll miss the first four weeks rather than miss any other time in the season.  Our first four opponents are Cleveland, Detroit, San Fransisco, and Green Bay.  It would not be good to have them miss the Green Bay game, but the first three are games I think the Vikes could handle without them.

But hopefully there’s nothing to worry about, anyway.


Vikings in this Sunday’s Pro Bowl

The Minnesota Vikings have 6 players in this Sunday’s Pro Bowl, so I thought we could take a look at them today. We’ll start with the offense


Adrian Peterson (Starter)
Of course this one is kind of a given. Peterson led the NFL with 1,760 rushing yards this year, and there probably isn’t any other running back in the league that is feared by defenses like he is. He was last year’s Pro Bowl MVP, putting up the second most rushing yards in the history of the Pro Bowl itself. Any Reid asked him how many carries he wants this year, and Adrian answered “You can give me the ball every time”.

Steve Hutchinson (Starter)
Hutch is one of the best linemen in the game, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. He was a solid part of the left side of the line for the Vikings all year.


Kevin Williams (Starter)
One half of the Williams Wall, Kevin has been a pro bowler before, but he certainly benefited from having newcomer Jared Allen on the line with him this year. His sack total went from 3 last year to 8.5 this year, proving that he’s still just as dangerous on passing downs as he is in stopping the run.

Antoine Winfield (Starter)
Winfield will be playing in his first Pro Bowl ever this year. I used to complain a lot about Winfield. I always thought he was a solid tackler, but I felt he got beat a lot on plays that he should’ve been able to break up. This year he changed my mind. He only had 2 interceptions on the year, but he consistently made big plays at key times, including a couple defensive touchdowns.
Pat Williams
Big Pat will be joining fellow linemen Kevin Williams and Jared Allen in this year’s Pro Bowl. Even though only Kevin Williams is starting, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some plays when the Minnesota Vikings make up 75% of the defensive line in the game. Pat is an amazing run stopper, and his value was proven when he missed a few games at the end of the season this year.
Jared Allen
Allen is another obvious choice for the Pro Bowl. He had 14.5 sacks this season, and he lead the league with 2 safeties on the season as well. My only gripe though is that he should be a starter. He had more sacks then starter Justin Tuck, and the same number of sacks and more tackles than starter Julius Peppers. I have a feeling that he’ll make the most of his playing time, though. I’m going to predict that he finishes the game with 2 sacks.