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Just some Percy Harvin highlights

This is what’s to come for the Vikes.  🙂

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Percy Harvin makes Childress say “Wow”

Coach Childress talked a little about Percy Harvin.

He mentioned it was roughly the same feeling that he had when they first handed Adrian Peterson the ball.

Those are big words!

I have to admit, the closer I get to the Vikings signing Brett Favre, and the closer I get to watching Percy Harvin play football wearing Purple and Gold, the more excited I get.  Even if Favre is only 75% of what he was two years ago, that’s enough to put the ball in the hands of Harvin and Berrian, and to keep the defense from stacking the box.

This year’s offense could be exciting!

Source:  Access Vikings

The Vikings work on the Wildcat!!!!

I know this news is a couple days old to a lot of you, but I’m pumped, so I want to share it.


That makes me excited.  Actually they’ve been working on it with both Percy Harvin AND Chester Taylor taking the snaps.

I think Chester could be a great person to run the wild cat.  He’s thrown several NFL passes already in his career, so teams would think of him as at least a little bit of a threat to do that, and he’s obviously a great runner.

Hopefully this breathes some life into a stale Minnesota offense.

Harvin proving that he’s a versatile player already

Percy Harvin is getting reps in camp as a slot receiver, a running back, a punt returner, and a kick returner.  Of course at this point they don’t know which of those positions will translate into permanent positions in the regular season, but it just goes to show how versatile of a player he is.

I’d definitely like to see him get some reps as a punt returner.  Our punt return game was worthless last year for the most part… at least until Berrian started taking some returns at the end of the season.  That’s one position that we definitely need some explosiveness in.

Other than that, I’m guessing the slot is where he’ll see most of his action.


What Will Harvin bring to the Vikings offense?

Earlier today a writer at Bleacher Report gave his opinion on what Vikings rookie Percy Harvin will bring to the Minnesota Vikings offense.

Percy Harvin

Read the article HERE.

The article got me thinking (which is exactly what I like sports articles to do). If I was calling plays for the Vikings (Hey Brad… I’d be willing to consider a job doing just that if you want me), I would definitely NOT count on Harvin to be my #1 deep threat. That job would stay primarily with Berrian. However, I would definitely mix it up with those two…. and at least one of them would be going deep about 80% of the time.

I would also work on getting Harvin the ball in the flats to see how well his playmaking ability is going to transfer to the pros.

Like the author of the above article mentioned… end arounds with Harvin are a must. I don’t typically like end-arounds, but usually that’s because most wide receivers don’t have the open field moves to make defenders miss. With Harvin, that’s not an issue. Keep in mind that he racked up over 1900 receiving yards at Florida, but he also had over 1800 rushing yards.

Speaking of which, I’d let him run from the backfield every now and then. Not often, mind you, because Peterson needs a lot of touches, and Taylor already had too many taken away from him last year. But maybe I’d line him up in the backfield a handful of times per game, just to keep the defenses guessing. Of course for that to work, I’d have to give him the ball a few times, maybe use him in play action a few times, and definitely have him run a few routes from back there. Again… not a lot… maybe 4 or 5 times a game.

How about the Wildcat, you ask? Well, let’s be realistic… I don’t see the Vikings running it often. But what’s the harm in having a couple plays a game from that formation? Personally I’d love to see some kind of formation with Harvin, Taylor, and Peterson all in the backfield for a variation of the Wildcat. Come on Childress… time to get creative!!

A guy with Harvin’s versatility could be the piece that finally makes the Vikings offense unpredictable. Hopefully the Vikings staff realize that, too.

Percy Harvin in a hospital in Atlanta

Vikings first round draft pick Percy Harvin missed the first day of Rookie Camp today because he was hospitalized in Atlanta.

Harvin was boarding a plane in Atlanta on his way to Minneapolis yesterday when he was feeling ill.  He was taken to the hospital where he was treated for severe dehydration.  The doctors did rule out swine flu (because, you know, that way it sounds like bigger news).

Harvin should be released in a couple of days or so.

Of course many Vikings fans around the net (specifically on the Star Tribune comment posts) started to use this as a reason to call Childress dumb for drafting someone that won’t even come to camp.  It’s always funny to me when fans hate a coach so much that they’ll jump to illogical solutions before information is even available.

I’m certainly not the president of the Brad Childress fan club, but give the guy a break… if you’re gonna hate him, hate him for something that you know a little something about!!  🙂

Some other looks at Percy Harvin

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Let’s take a look at what some other people are saying about our first round draft pick.

Harvin’s Skills Could Be Used In Many Ways
Minnesota Wide Receivers Coach George Stewart seems to be excited about working with Percy.  He mentioned that Harvin is capable of things that nobody else on the roster is, specifically mentioning the Wildcat formation.  Interesting.

Harvin Insists That He Has Matured
In an article for the Star Tribune, Percy insists that he has matured since some of his past “character” issues.  Well, I hope so, but can we really buy that from a guy who failed a drug test as recently as the NFL combine?

Another Look at Harvin’s Issues
A writer for Bleacher Report decided to look at some of Harvin’s personal issues, and what they could mean to the Vikings

The Draft: Round 1 – Percy Harvin

With the 22nd pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings selected: Percy Harvin, Wide Reciever, University of Florida


Percy Harvin is now a Viking

I have to say I was initially a little surprised by this. First of all, I thought the character issues would stop Childress and company from selecting a guy like Harvin. Not only did he get into some trouble as a high school student, but he failed a drug test at the Combine. Second of all, I assumed Childress would go the safe route and pick up an offensive lineman. Obviously the Vikes knew the lineman they wanted would still be around in round 2, so they took the gamble with Percy.

Harvin was an explosive player at Florida. He lined up as not only a wide receiver, but also as a running back. has this to say about his college career:

Harvin was the consummate dual threat at wide receiver and running back for the Gators, amassing 1,929 receiving yards to go with 1,852 yards on the ground. In just 36 games at Florida, he proved to be a dangerous open-field threat, finding the end zone 32 times. His yards per rush average of 9.55 shattered the previous school career record of 6.4 yards by Elijah Williams (1994-97).

I think that if used right, Harvin could make an impact during his rookie season. In my mind, he becomes the #2 or #3 guy right away, and with the attention that Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, and Bernard Berrian will get from opposing defenses, that could lead to Harvin getting some easier coverage. His athleticism and range of talents could also lead to some more creative offensive formations, if Childress is willing to do such things.

Can you imagine a formation with Chester Taylor, Adrian Peterson, Visanthe Shiancoe, Bernard Berrian, and Percy Harvin? What kinds of mismatches could the Vikings create by motioning those guys out of their standard formations?

I really hope the Vikes take advantage of these kinds of potentials.

DRAFT WEEK: Percy Harvin tested positive for marijuana.

Read the Access Vikings article HERE.

There’s been a lot of speculation going around the Florida WR Percy Harvin would be the Vikings target in the first round of Saturday’s NFL Draft. Personally I expect the Vikings to beef up the offensive line in the first draft (unless one of the top 3 QBs fall through), but many people disagree with me.

I have to say that this news, though, probably hurts the chances of Harvin coming to the Vikings. The Vikes are very big on “character”, and this is definitely a flaw. No matter what your opinions are on the dangers and downfalls of smoking pot, it’s quite clear that the NFL doesn’t tolerate it (isn’t that true Ricky Williams and Ontario Smith, to name a couple?!?) and it’s also easy to come by information on how long the stuff stays in your system. Not 2 minutes before writing this article, I did a google search that told me unless you’re a very very heavy pot smoker, marijuana will probably only show up in a standard drug test for about 30 days.

So let me get this straight…. these kids (there was another major player named besides Harvin) knew that the NFL draft was coming up, and they couldn’t stop getting stoned long enough to test clean? Seems like something as major of a life change as the draft would warrant some careful planning by these players.

Ugh… it definitely makes me question Harvin’s intelligence a little bit.