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Some notes from today’s training camp

Just a quick link that you guys might find interesting. This is some notes from this morning’s practice posted on

A few notes from this morning’s practice before we head out to a 1 hour special teams practice this afternoon…

– Vikings WR Sidney Rice had a nice morning practice today, hauling in a number of catches during various periods and making a great play over a CB down the right sideline. At 6-4, 202 pounds, Rice is a big target with great hands and he’s entering a year that could really be a turning point for him.

– Another Vikings WR, Percy Harvin, also had a great day. He caught deep balls from both Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels today, stirring the Vikings fans in attendance and showcasing his impressive speed.

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Two things about these notes made me a happy fan. The first one was the note about Sidney Rice making big plays. Sidney is a potential weapon for the Vikings that so far has been held back by injuries. Sidney has a great work ethic, too, and he wants to do whatever it takes to improve. He spent time before training camp working out with Larry Fitzgerald and Cris Carter. Carter had great things to say about him.

I love it that the writer for the Vikings blog pointed out that he had a great practice, but on Twitter, Sidney said that it was “average” and “not good enough”. I think this will be a big year for Rice.

I also love hearing good things about Percy Harvin. Catching deep balls is a great thing, and something we’ve needed for a few years (although Berrian filled in some of the gaps last year).

But I really think Harvin will bring a lot to the team. I was reading some news earlier about how the Vikings have designed some plays with both Harvin and Adrian Peterson in the backfield at the same time.

Now THAT gets me all sorts of pumped up.

Some notes from Training Camp (hey, it’s all we’ve got until the season starts!)

This is just a list of some things happening during training camp. I’m getting most of my camp information from and

The updates will be bolded. My own comments are not.

  • Visanthe Shiancoe seems to be all over the place, making big plays
    Last year he stepped up his play to an amazing level. It sounds to me like he’s picking up right where he left off. If Shiancoe can continue his great play from last year, he’ll be a very important piece of the Vikings offense this season.
  • EJ Henderson is all over the field on defense
    We only got about 3.5 games from Henderson last year, and it already looked like he was making his bid to be known as the top linebacker in the league. One of the things I’m looking forward to most this year is watching Henderson improve what was already a great defense last year. I mean, think about it… the middle linebacker is one of the most important positions on defense. Our defense played great last year with tons of transition at that position for most of the year!
  • Jackson isn’t practicing right now
    His sprain is only a Grade I sprain, which basically means he’s day to day. That’s good news. If we’re really going to have a QB competion, he should probably be competing.
  • Rosenfels learning the system
    It’s apparently a little different than the WCO they ran in Houston, but according to the guys watching the practices, he’s making some decent plays.

Quick Weekend News: Harvin and Jackson

Percy Harvin signed a five year contract with the Vikings, and he’s already on the field practicing.  He missed two days of camp, but still should have plenty of time to get caught up.  He’s already worked on some kick return drills, and he’s taken some reps as a WR with the FIRST team.

Tarvaris Jackson has a Grade I sprain of his MCL.  He’s day to day, but he’s not practicing today.  Last year he had the same injury during the pre-season, and it kept him out of two games.  Coach Childress is not concerned about the injury, and said Jackson will be fine.

Ray Edwards a bit banged up heading into camp.

The Vikings started training camp at 9:00am today, but starting defensive end Ray Edwards will be sitting out the first day or two with back pain. Coach Childress doesn’t seem to think it’s a very big deal, and says that his starting DE will most likely be back on the field in a day or two… but even if it takes longer, the important thing is getting him rested up before the season starts. The bright side is that some of the backups will get to work out with the starters for a couple days, and that always helps.

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