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The Vikings comment on the WILDCAT has an article up about the Vikings version of the Wildcat offense (I’ve read that they’re going to call it something different, though.)

It’s an interesting read.  Reporters got some comments from Percy Harvin on the formation.  Check out the article by clicking HERE.

I really can’t wait to watch the Vikings try it out.  I have a feeling they won’t try it much (if at all) during the preseason, because I bet they’re going to hold it off and spring it on some teams during the regular season instead.  I could be wrong about that, though.  But I love the idea of having so much talent on the field at one time, and in a formation that potentially throws the defense off their game a little bit.

The Vikings work on the Wildcat!!!!

I know this news is a couple days old to a lot of you, but I’m pumped, so I want to share it.


That makes me excited.  Actually they’ve been working on it with both Percy Harvin AND Chester Taylor taking the snaps.

I think Chester could be a great person to run the wild cat.  He’s thrown several NFL passes already in his career, so teams would think of him as at least a little bit of a threat to do that, and he’s obviously a great runner.

Hopefully this breathes some life into a stale Minnesota offense.